Who Is Martha Chansley? Jake Angeli Mother Age And Wikipedia Bio

Martha Chansley: Everything To Know About Jake Angeli Mother

Martha Chansley: Everything To Know About Jake Angeli Mother

Who Is Martha Chansley? Martha Chansley is the mother of Jake Angeli, who was seen in the US riot earlier this year wearing a horned helmet, fur costume, and body paint. Martha defended her son and still appears to refuse that the US election was fair.

Her son got arrested during the Capitol riot, and he is still serving his time in prison. After her interview with 60 minutes on March 5, 2021, where she claimed that Donald Trump lost the election only due to electoral frauds, people are curious to learn more about Martha. Here is everything you need to know about Martha Chansley.

Quick Facts:

Name Martha Chansley
Gender Female
Nationality American
Children Jake Angeli

10 Facts About Martha Chansley

  1. Martha Chansley age is estimated in the late 50s. Meanwhile, her son Jake Angeli is 33 years of age.
  2. Martha Chansley does not have a Wikipedia bio of her own. However, she is now covered by numerous news portal sites.
  3. She is a Republican supporter and still actively supports Donald Trump. She considers herself and her son as great patriots.
  4. Talking about family and children, there are no details on Martha’s husband, and Jake is the only son that we know of.
  5. It is unknown what Mrs. Chansley does for a living, so there is no way to determine her net worth.
  6. Martha made it to headlines after claiming that her son walked through already open doors, and he got caught while roaming the halls and walking towards the Senate floor.
  7. She believes the Capitol is people’s house, and they should be allowed to walk in there. Further, she denied that her son was involved in any sort of fights with the policemen or guards, according to Independent, UK.
  8. Martha’s son Jake was charged with knowingly and violently entering a restricted building without any lawful authority.
  9. Martha Chansley is from Arizona.
  10. Her son Jake Angeli, also known as “QAnon Shaman,” attended the Capitol Riot at the request of ex-president Donald Trump.

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