Who Is Matthew Taylor Coleman Surf School? True Crime On Reddit

QAnon Follower Matthew Taylor Coleman Reportedly Killed His Own Children, Here’s The Case Update

QAnon Follower Matthew Taylor Coleman Reportedly Killed His Own Children, Here’s The Case Update

Qanan follower- Matthew Taylor Cannon stabbed toddlers to death in Mexico. Who is he? Let us find out.

Matthew Taylor Cannon is a California surfing coach from Santa Barbara. This 40-year-old guy, Matthew, has been a prime suspect for killing his two infants, daughter, 3, and son, 4, who were stabbed multiples times.

Every day we hear several obituaries or murdered news in daily magazines. But this news is heart-wrenching. We bet you get goosebumps in your body.

As per the reports, those toddler’s bodies were discovered at the Mexican hotel on Monday. How can a father be so heartless?

The heartbreaking story has been circulated on every news channel and social media platform.

Who Is Matthew Taylor Cannon Surf School?

As per the People, Matthew runs a surfing school with his wife, Abby. His wife, Abby, filed a complaint near the police station after her children went missing.

Moreover, Matthew was taken into custody at the border while driving his Mercedes. He was returning to his hometown, as per the Police statements.

No doubt, his wife is going through tough times right now. May the infant’s soul would rest in peace. 

Matthew Taylor Cannon True Crime On Reddit

Matthew’s deadly crime story is available on Reddit’s True Crime Forum. This case is similar to Chris Watts, according to Reddit.

However, he was charged with the first-degree murder of his own children, a son, and a daughter, reported by NBC News. No one can even imagine that a father can be so cruel or stone-hearted.

Regarding his nationality, Matthew is American by nationality. While his ethnicity is probably white.

Coming to his date of birth, Matthew’s current age is 40 years at present. Apparently, his date of birth is under the table now.

Here Are The Case Update Details

Matthew Taylor Cannon left his house from his home to Mexico with his children on Sunday.

She filed a missing child complaint near the police station in California on the same day. After investigation, police found the dead bodies of the children at a ranch in Mexico.

As per early FBI reports, he checked in Mexico hotel on Sunday to killed the children. 

As per QAnon and ‘serpent DNA’ conspiracy theories, he killed his two children. He thought that they would grow into monsters—such a silly reason to kill the children.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, Matthew was charged on Wednesday with the foreign murder of U.S. nationals of killing his own 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter. 

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