Who Is Max Berry? Flight Passenger In Custody

Flight Passenger Was Duct Taped To Seat For Sexually Abusing Flight Attendants, Max Berry and His Rich Parents

Flight Passenger Was Duct Taped To Seat For Sexually Abusing Flight Attendants, Max Berry and His Rich Parents

Max Berry is a Frontier Airlines flight passenger who is in custody for assaulting crews. Get to know him.

Berry is a 22 years old man from Norwalk in Ohio. Professional, he worked as a food server in Sandusky.

Who Is Max Berry?

Max Berry is a young man living in Ohio. He is going viral after he groped and fought with flight crews.

Actually, Berry is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. He graduated with a major in Finance Economics in 2021.

Besides, Maxwell did a couple of jobs to support his collegiate life. His professional and academic background is available on his Linkedin profile.

Max worked at Famous Dave’s of America in Sandusky, Ohio. He was a food server at the barbeque restaurant for four months in 2019.

In the meantime, Berry had a part-time job at Eagle Creek Golf Club. He worked there for over two years, from June 2017.

In fact, he was designated to change hole locations once a day. Also, he had to mow the grass and tee boxes every week.

He is not the Max Berry from Marion in Ohio who died in 2020.

Max Berry – Meet Flight Passenger In Custody

Max Berry was arrested for assaulting flight crews on July 31. He was on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami.

Actually, Max had gone violent with a male flight attendant. As per ABC Action News, he had punched in the face of the guy.

In addition, Berry touched the chest of the female attendants on the flight. At the same time, he shouted some filthy words at the other passengers on the flight.

Max Berry can be seen duct-taped in a video on Reddit. He was kept in the same position until the plane landed in Miami.

Meanwhile, Max received three counts of battery charges. He is reportedly in custody at the Miami-Dade County Jail.

Max Berry Net Worth Explored

Max Berry’s net worth is a mystery for now. The exact figures of his earnings are yet to be disclosed.

Berry is a fresh college graduate. Also, he does not seem to have a job based on his Linkedin profile.

Actually, he shares a worth of over $2 million in his family.

Who Are Max Berry Parents?

Max Berry shouted that his parents are wealthy. But the details of his father and mother are not available on the internet.

In fact, Berry seems to be of a lavish family, as he revealed on the flight. But the truth behind his statement is under investigation.

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