Who is Max Parker? Isabella Cruise Husband, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Max Parker

Max Parker

Max Parker is the loving husband of Bella Cruise. Here, you might be wondering who Bella Cruise is. Bella Cruise is none other than the daughter of the biggie of the Hollywood Tom Cruise. Tom welcomed his daughter Bella with his second wife Nicole Kidman.

Name Max Parker
Age around 26 years old
Gender Male
Height Around 5 feet 6 inches
Ethnicity White
Married/Single Married
Wife Bella Cruise
Children No
Divorce No

The star of the Mission Impossible franchise is one of the biggest movie stars of this generation. As long as Tom Cruise’s name pops neither movie lovers nor media can keep clam. As the daughter of one of the biggest movie stars of today, Bella Cruise sure has all the fame she can ask for in life.

Tom is also one of the richest actors with a net worth of $570 million in 2020. She could also be worth a big fortune. As the son-in-law to Tom Cruise, Max Parker sure is a fortunate guy. But is there anything than being the son in law to one of the biggest celebrities of today?

10 Facts About Max Parker

  1. Max Parker is a celebrity family member who is famous as the son in law to one of the biggest movie stars of today Tom Cruise. 
  2. Mak is married to Tom’s daughter named Bella Cruise. Bella is the daughter of Tom and his second wife Nicole Kidman. 
  3. Her father Tom and mother Nicole were married for 11 years from 1990 to 2001. Bella is not Tom and Nicole’s biological daughter. Instead, the former wife-husband duo adopted Bella.
  4. Max Parker is married to Bella Cruise since the year 2015. Since then the couple has been together. The couple does not have any kids yet.
  5. Before getting married in 2015, Bella and Parker dated each other for some time.
  6. Bella Cruis was born on December 22, 1992, in Miami Florida, the US. She is 27 years of age in 2020. Her husband Parker could also be around the same age as Bella.
  7. The exact age of Max is not public. 
  8. Max does not have a public Instagram or Twitter profile. Both Max and his wife Bella live a private life and do not enjoy the spotlight much.
  9. Max Parker must have a decent job to make a living. But, frankly, he does not need to work at all after all he is the son in law of Tom Cruise. 
  10. Max does not have a Wikipedia bio.

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