Who is Meena Harris’s Partner? Age, Parents, Instgram, Wiki Facts

Who is Meena Harris’s Partner? 10 Facts on Tony West’s Daughter

Who is Meena Harris’s Partner? 10 Facts on Tony West’s Daughter

Meena Harris is an American lawyer, author, and activist who is the niece of the Kamala Harris- the presidential nominee from the Democratic party. She is the daughter of Maya Harris and Tony West. Meena has been getting a lot of attention from the media because of her parents and aunt for sure but she is also getting some attention because of her activism and motivational sessions she conducts.

Name Meena Harris
Birthday 20 November 1984
Age 35
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Author
Parents Tony West and Maya Harris
Married/Single Married
Children 2
Instagram @meena
Twitter @meenaharris

Meena launched the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign which is all about bringing attention and making people aware of the social issues of all over the world especially those concerning women. She is a feminist and raises issues about women’s discrimination, underrepresentation of women in tech, politics, and other industries. Tony and Maya are both proud of her and she has many supporters whose ideas align with that of hers.

Who Is Meena Harris’s Partner?

Meena is a married woman but the name of her husband is not found on any internet site. Maybe the reason behind that is because he is not as famous as Meena but they look really in love when Meena shared pictures of them on her Instagram handle.

His name is apparently Nik and I discovered that from the comment section. However other than that, we have no idea about Meena Harris’s husband. This is his Instagram profile if you want to learn more about him but it is a private account and you will have to gain his approval first to see his Instagram.

Meena Harris Age

Meena Harris was born on 20 November 1984. That means she is currently 35 years old. Meena looks really good for her age but we are not going to comment a lot about her age and looks because she is more than that and we should rather talk about her career, activism and take her seriously.

Meena Harris Parents: Tony West And Maya Harris

Meena Harris was born to tony west and Maya Harris. Maya Harris is an American lawyer and television commentator who also served as a policy advisor for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2015 elections. She has been active in many institutions and has certainly raised her little baby girl to do the same.

Tony West is also an American lawyer who is responsible as Chief Legal Officer of Uber and was the Associate Attorney General of the United States. He graduated from Harvard and is active currently as well. 

Meena talks about how inspiring her parents were but the one she recalls the most is her grandmother. In an interview, she recalled how her childhood was like a starting scene from Wonderwoman- full of inspiring women guardians protecting and teaching her things.

Meena Harris Instagram

Meena Harris is on Instagram as @meena and is followed by 81.3 thousand people. She follows 1199 people back and has a nice engagement with er audience. She promotes her books and other stuff on her account. She also shares pictures of herself and other inspiring figures.

Nothing like little casual pictures on Instagram where she is promoting products.

She has 2 children and shares pictures of them sometimes on her Instagram. The cuteness is overloaded in this picture when she is wishing Happy Father’s Day to her husband who is carrying their little nuggets.

10 Interesting Facts About Meena Harris

  1. Meena Harris was born on 20 November 1984.
  2. Meena Harris is 25 years old.
  3. Meena is the daughter of Tony West and Maya Harris.
  4. Harris is married and has 2 kids.
  5. She is an author, activist, and lawyer.
  6. Harris s the founder of the Phenomenal Women campaign which is about honoring extraordinary women and focusing on the problems that they face.
  7. Harris is the niece of Kamala Harris- Democratic nominee in the presidential race for 2020 who is no longer in the race.
  8. Meena has an Instagram account with 81 thousand followers.
  9. Meena has a Twitter handle with 75.7 thousand followers.
  10. We have no idea about her height.

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