Who Is Mekai Curtis Dad Or Father

Who Is Mekai Curtis Dad? Is He Related To 50 Cent?

Who Is Mekai Curtis Dad? Is He Related To 50 Cent?

Who is Mekai Curtis dad or father? Is he related to 50 Cent? We have all the answers here.

Curtis is an American actor, who started his career in a Walmart TV Commercial. Today, he has become the main cast of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”.

At such a young age, Mekai has dozens of other roles in TV shows and films.

Who Is Mekai Curtis Dad Or Father?

Mekai Curtis was born to his dad or father, Paul Curtis.

Similarly, Mekai Curtis’s parents also include his mother Hadassah Curtis. He is the star of the family and a hero for his four siblings. 

A native of New Jersey, Curtis grew up with his three brothers named Kezii Curtis, Zemhye Curtis, and Jesigh Curtis. Likewise, he also has a younger sister named Kaidynce Curtis.

Mekai Curtis is 20 years old in age. He was born on October 14, 2000. 

However, Mekai has now left his hometown in NJ and moved to California. He lives in Los Angeles city for better prospects of his career now. 

Is Mekai Curtis Related To 50 Cent?

No, Mekai Curtis is not related to 50 Cent.

Mekai portrays Kanan Stark in the TV series “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”. The show is a prequel to the “Power” franchise, which explores the Stark character.

The role was originally played by rapper and actor 50 Cent. Now, Mekai fills the shoe of the role.

This led many people to speculate that Mekai might be related to 50 Cent. In fact, the two even seem to look like each other!

The confusion further became prominent due to their name as 50 cent’s real name is Curtis James Jackson III. However, the matching of surname and first name is just a coincidence. 

The two don’t seem to share any major blood relationship together. 

Mekai Curtis Girlfriend: Is He gay?

Mekai Curtis doesn’t have a girlfriend, as he remains single to date. Likewise, there are also assumptions that Mekai Curtis is gay – which remains with no proof at all.  

During the “Power Book II: Ghost” season, the did show featured an intimate gay scene. We are yet to see the story arc this season.

Nevertheless, we are sure that both women and men will be down to date the actor. Mekai Curtis is a handsome man at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. 

Mekai Curtis has not been a Wikipedia feature to date. However, he does have a Twitter bio with 3.7k followers. You can discover his tweets as @mekaiprada_g. 

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