Who is Mert Ney? Ethnicity And Nationality: Michaela Dunn Video

Who is Mert Ney? Michaela Dunn Stabbing Video

Who is Mert Ney? Michaela Dunn Stabbing Video

Michaela Dunn’s stabbing has raised some questions about killer Mert Ney ethnicity. Stay in this article to know more about Michela Dunn’s killer.

Mert Ney is an Australian killer who killed 24-year-old, Michela Dunn, mercilessly by stabbing her back. Currently, Mert Ney is getting headlines all over the Australian article and news channel after admitting that he killed Michaela Dunn, a sex specialist. 

In addition to that, Mert is a crazed knifeman and a fierce killer who was shot upsetting Snapchat recordings after he executed a young lady Ms. Dunn in Sydney’s CBD.

Mert arrived at the Clarence Street apartment for a sex work appointment with Ms. Dunn who was quite pretty, but not intending to have intercourse with her.

Mert Ney Ethnicity And Nationality Revealed

Ney’s ethnicity is Caucasian with Australian origin.

Also, Mert’s nationality is Australian.

Despite the fact, we’re not sure where exactly is the birthplace of Mert Ney in Australia. However, we’re known that he is of Turkis Cypriot legacy.

 Know About Michaela Dunn Video

As per News.com.au, Ney posted a video posing in front of Michaela Dunn’s body and reveling in her death on social media app Snapchat.

In the video, Ney raised a blood-soaked hand to point a finger towards the ceiling before leaning down to show the grieving scene on the floor. You can find the full story on the above link.

Who Are Mert Ney Parents? 

So far now, there is no specific information about criminal Mert Ney parents.

You may wonder about his parents. But, we’re still sort of information about his family.  Also, we’re unknown if he is a single child or has siblings.

Was Mert Ney Arrested?

Mert Ney is arrested by the Aussie police.

After providing a graphic account of the day of fatally stabbing 24-year-old Dunn in a CBD apartment, Mert was charged with killing and selfishly destroying lives for no reason by the Australian police.

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