Who Is Mia Karina? Onlyfans Model Reddit Video And Boyfriend

Everything You Need To Know About Model Mia Karina Making Millions In Onlyfans

Everything You Need To Know About Model Mia Karina Making Millions In Onlyfans

Who is Mia Karina? She is popping up as the most earning OnlyFans model. Find more about her Reddit video and boyfriend.

Karina is an Instagram and OnlyFans model. Currently based in Somerset, England, Karina has shot to fame herself as one of the most popular OnlyFans models.

OnlyFans is a subscription site that allows users to create exclusive content for their followers. Karina has revealed how she started off earning around £1,000 on the app before racking it up to £150,000 a month.

Who Is Mia Karina? 

Mia Karina is a fashion model.

She was originally from Chile, later located to Malta to work in a hotel, where earned around €1,500 per month.

Everything On OnlyFans Model

Mia Karina sparked up as an OnlyFans model. 

Karina joined OnlyFans in late 2019 after hearing how much cash do people make through the content subscription service on OnlyFans.

The OnlyFans handle of Mia Karina is under the username @dkarina. Her account is already verified.

On her account, she has 2.1K photos, 161 videos, and more than 662.3K likes. You can get her OnlyFans subscription on Mia Karina Teen.

A Look Onto Her Reddit Video

Mia Karina is also popular on Reddit video.

You can find Mia Karina OnlyFans collection on Reddit.

She is also available on Instagram.

Meet Her Boyfriend

Mia Karina credits her OnlyFans move to her boyfriend, Marc Howard.

She had no idea what the social media site was until her boyfriend told her one of his pals was making money on there.

The couple met in a hotel in Malta where she worked as a receptionist.

Mia told LADbible: At first I was curious when Marc mentioned it to me, but too shy to do it. As the weeks went on it was on my mind more and more. Life is not cheap in Malta and we needed the money.”

She met her partner Marc and guided her to a new career route in the pricey country.

Mia Karina Age And Height Exposed

Mia Karina is 20 years of age.

The well-celebrated fashion model is quite young but bold in her venture. She has not disclosed any information regarding her precise birth date.

However, as per the article published on LADbible, she is claimed of that age.  And, her boyfriend, Marc Howard is 24 by now.   

Mia Karina stands at a height of around 5 feet 6 inches.

She seems decently tall in her pictures.

Lights On Her Net Worth

Mia Karina has a net worth of around £1.8million.

Her new venture as an OnlyFans model helped her score whooping money into her bank account.

For the first few months, she earned around £2,200-£2,900 a month. After the lockdown hit, she currently makes around £180,700 a month on average, which turns around £39,800-£43,400 a week.

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