Who Is Michael Packard? Wikipedia On Provincetown Man Swallowed By Whale

Who Is Michael Packard? Provincetown Man Swallowed By Whale But Made It Out Alive

Who Is Michael Packard? Provincetown Man Swallowed By Whale But Made It Out Alive

Who Is Michael Packard? The Provincetown man was swallowed by a humpback whale. However, he made it out alive. 

An exceedingly rare incident took place on the coast of Provincetown on Friday morning, June 11, 2021.

Michael Packard, a Provincetown man, was seriously injured when he was caught in the mouth of a whale feeding off. Reportedly, it was an absolute miracle that the whale spits him out after 20 seconds.

Who Is Michael Packard? Wiki On The Provincetown Man

Michael Packard is a commercial lobster diver from Wellfleet. packard is 56 years of age.

Packard started his fishing career at the age of 12 after his sister’s boyfriend paid him $50 for three stripers, according to Local Well Fleet. Since then, he went after scallops and lobster as well as surf clams in the past.

Michael generally fished for flounder and bass, hauling out his skiff Sea Ferret and delivering his catch to restaurants on the shore.

He states that diving is his passion and what he does for a living, and he would go back to it after he gets better.

Furthermore, this is not Packard’s first brush with death as he was lucky enough to survive a plane crash in Costa Rica years ago where three people died. Indeed, one fortunate man.

Michael Packard Health Update

Michael Packard health is in stable condition, reports Metro West Daily News

He is now kept under observation at Cape Cod Hospital with at least one broken leg stated by his sister Cynthia Packard.

According to her, Michael was entirely swallowed by the whale and was in his mouth for about 20 seconds. After all the action at the top of the water, the whale released her brother. 

Michael, while in an interview with Boston25News, stated that he felt like he got hit by a freight train, and everything went black.

He tried to kick and punch his way out, but after some unsuccessful attempts, he started remembering his wife and two children as he thought that was how he would die.

Luckily, he was out of the whale’s mouth after 20-30 seconds.

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