Who Is Michelo2.0 Tiktok? Age, Real Name And Instagram Bio

Who Is Michelo2.0 On Tiktok? Facts To Know About

Who Is Michelo2.0 On Tiktok? Facts To Know About

Who is Michelo2.0 from TikTok? Michelo2.0 can be simply recognized as a TikTok star who has managed to earn nearly 1.5 million followers on his official TikTok account. But, he is not just a TikTok star, he is even a popular artist and is well-known all over the world as ‘Robot Boy’. If you have watched his TikTok videos, you probably have noticed that he comes out to the street and dances like a robot.

Quick Facts: Who Is Michelo2.0 On Tiktok? Facts To Know About

Name Michelo2.0 (Michelo)
Gender Male
Nationality Argentine
Profession TikTok Star, Artist
Instagram @suarmichelo (private)
Youtube michelo 2.0
Facebook @MICHELO2.0

Also, he uploads similar videos on his YouTube channel where he has already earned a total of 25.9 thousand followers. Moreover, his YouTube videos have surpassed 4.9 million views already. He really loves to entertain people and we can clearly see that he gets entertained himself after performing his robotic acts. 


iG: Suarmichelo

♬ original sound – carson

10 Facts on Michelo2.0:

  1. Michelo2.0 from TikTok is well-known for his robotic dance as well as he is famous for the blue-light emitting dress which totally resembles him to a robot. 
  2. Although Michelo2.0’s exact age is currently not known, we believe that he must be around 25 to 29 years old.
  3. Speaking about Michelo2.0’s real name, he has mentioned his name to be Michelo in a lot of his social media but we are still unknown about his surname.
  4. Moreover, Michelo2.0 can be found active on Instagram as @suarmichelo where he has around 9.9 thousand followers. But, his account remains private as of now.
  5. According to Michelo2.0’s bio, he runs his own humor show and uses high-performance audiovisual effects technology to entertain people.
  6. Although we are unknown about Michelo’s net worth, we do know that he has estimated earnings of $1.8 thousand to $10.9 thousand. 
  7. Since he is originally from Salta, Argentina, his nationality is definitely Argentine.
  8. However, we have no idea about Michelo’s ethnicity at the moment. 
  9. Also, there is nothing to know about how tall he is and how much he weighs. 
  10. Furthermore, he has a Facebook account of his own where he has earned 3.9 thousand followers in total. 

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