Who Is Mikaele Baker? Everything On Wiki, Age and Parents

Who Is Mikaele Baker? Everything On Wiki, Age and Parents

Who Is Mikaele Baker? Everything On Wiki, Age and Parents

Who is Mikaele Baker? Mikaele Baker whose full name is Mikaele Andrew Baker has been in the headlines after he got arrested for tweeting the name of all the businesses that signed a petition to sweep Cal Anderson Park.

Professionally, he is described to be a children’s camp counselor and also a teacher. As per reports claimed by Fox News, he is a substitute History teacher who is actually originally from Olympic Peninsula. 

Name Mikaele Baker
Age 23 years
Gender Other
Nationality American
Profession Childcare Worker, Teacher
Twitter @comradeflute (deleted)

Well-known as an Antifa member, he had been arrested multiple times during violent protests earlier. According to Mikaele Baker’s tweet, there are businesses that were ready to sweep Cal Anderson Park and the protests were going on for quite a while now. Very recently, it was identified that he is transgender and non-binary. 

10 Facts on Mikaele Baker:

  1. Mikaele Baker is identified as a childcare worker who has been active in many protests in the Seattle area and is also an active member of the Antifa group.
  2. Although there are no wiki sites under Mikaele Baker’s name, we have written everything about him in these 10 facts which will surely clear all your doubts regarding him. 
  3. As per reports from various sites, we can confirm that Mikaele Baker is 23 years of age.
  4. Currently, there are no details about Mikaele Baker’s parents but we are working on it and will surely find them as soon as possible.
  5. Moreover, his tweet came from the Twitter account under the username @comradeflute which has now been deleted. 
  6. Furthermore, he had tweeted that there were not just organizations but also a single resident who was ready to sweep Cal Anderson Park from Seattle. 
  7. Also, we have come to know that he had participated in the CHOP protests where he spoke against the violent behaviors. 
  8. As per one of his speeches, he calls himself a revolutionary anarchist. 
  9. Since he is originally from the Olympic Peninsula, we can recognize him as an American citizen.
  10. Lastly, we have come to know that he loves to play the flute, and thus, he is widely recognized as a ‘Flute Person’. 

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