Who Is minn_edtz On TikTok?

Who is @minn_edtz On TikTok? Everything To Know

Who is @minn_edtz On TikTok? Everything To Know

The scariest video on Tiktok is served by minnedtz. Who is @minnedtz On TikTok? Find out what the contents are all about and the updates.

@minn_edtz has been on the trend lately with #minnedtz Hashtag videos on Tiktok. When it comes to the real @minn_edtz, he does not savor many followers on Tiktok, but he has topped the trend.

One of his bios says ‘Slamat Tinggal Bg Sayonara,’ which means ‘Goodbye Bg Sayonara.’

Who Is minn_edtz On TikTok?

It is not known who minn_edtz on Tik Tok is.

@minn_edtz is a mysterious Tiktok account.

There are no records on who the owner of the account is, but the Tiktok name mentions ‘Call Me Zenn.’

Furthermore, the Tiktok account has a reading ‘Bantu Foll Nanti Ku Follback Cwok Kalsel Arigato 428 Foll Makasih Semua’ in bio. It means ‘Help Foll Later I’ll Fallback Cwok South Kalimanta Arigato 428 Fall. Thank you All.’

But it is quite baffling what the bio actually means.

It’s suspicious.

Moreover, there is only one video on @minn_edtz Tiktok.


Keren Kan!!! ##freefire ##fyp ##freefireindonesia🇮🇩 ##foryoupage ##gilak ##virall ##jumpscarevideo Tolong Bantu 1M Follow bg 👉@minn_edzzt

♬ original sound – Call Me Zenn ;(

It is quite a scary video that also appears to be the screensaver of several ghostly looks, including nuns. The user has encouraged people for 1 million follow.

But as of now, there are only 11 followers on the platform. He has attained 14 likes in his content while he follows around 51 users.

@minn_edtz aka Call Me Zenn Death Cause

There have not been any revelations regarding @minn_edtz aka Call Me Zenn Death Cause.

So the details on the question of how did he die? remains a mystery.

It is unknown whether the Tiktoker is dead or not. No official news has come forth to the media to date.

Apart from the death talks, @minn_edtz has been tagged on several of the Tiktok contents lately.

#minnedtz has been one of the viral trends for TikTok users, and it has amassed more than 2 million views until now.

Several other accounts naming themselves as Call Me Minn and others have been opened recently, directly related to the minn_edtz version.

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