Who Is Mitchell Button? Dusty Button Husband Allegations And Net Worth

Dusty Button Husband Was Accused Of Sexual Assault, Who Is Mitchell Button?

Dusty Button Husband Was Accused Of Sexual Assault, Who Is Mitchell Button?

Dusty Button husband Mitchell Buttons received allegations of sexual assault. Get to know him better.

Mitchell is a former dance teacher. His wife Dusty is a ballet dancer who is a former member of the Boston Ballet.

Who Is Mitchell Button?

Mitchell Button previously served as a dance instructor. He used to provide dancing classes to aspiring ballet dancers.

Button lacks a Wikipedia biography of his own. Yet one can find his name mentioned on the Wikipedia page of his wife Dusty.

Mitchell’s age is over 30 years old. The number is a guess based on the fact that his partner has reached the age of 32.

Button’s full name is Mitchell Taylor Button. But he has been found using multiple names like Mitchell Moore, Taylor Moore, and Mitchell Button.

As a matter of fact, Mitchell was an instructor at Centerstage Dance Academy before 2010. He used the name Taylor Moore at the Tampa, Florida-based dancing school.

It is not clear when Button started the profession as a dance teacher. The information about his early career is a mystery for now.

Mitchell Button – Dusty Button Husband

Mitchell Button is Dusty Button’s spouse. It is not clear when the Button couple married.

Dusty and her life partner are on the news recently. Their names are linked to the sexual assaults faced by a couple of professional dancers.

Actually, Dusty allegedly helped her hubby while he did sexual violence to the young female dancers. But she is not a defendant in a legal case filed against her man.

Not to mention, Dusty is a well-known ballet performer from South Carolina. She is most known for her acts with Boston Ballet.

In fact, Ms. Button joined the Boston Ballet in 2012. She earned the position of principal in 2014. Later, she saw herself excluded from the roster in 2017.

Besides, Dusty has become a famous celebrity figure too. She has got 314k followers on her Instagram account which has been made private.

Mitchell Button Allegations Explored

Mitchell Button has received accusations for sexual assaults. But Button has denied all those claims.

Sage Humphries and Gina Menichino accused Mitchell of verbally and physically assaulting them previously. They filed a lawsuit against him on July 28.

Both Button and his wife have received blame for abusing their power and prestige. They allegedly played with the loyalty and trust of young dancers.

Know Mitchell Button Net Worth

Mitchell Button’s net worth is a mystery for now. It is not clear how much earnings he amassed in his career.

Button’s partner Dusty has a wealth of over $1.5 million. Nonetheless, the two share a luxurious life with each other.

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