Who is Nasser Alfallah? Hana Cross Boyfriend Age, Wiki, Nationality, Bio

Who is Nasser Alfallah? Hana Cross Boyfriend 2020: Everything On Hana Cross’s Fight With Ex Boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham

Who is Nasser Alfallah? Hana Cross Boyfriend 2020: Everything On Hana Cross’s Fight With Ex Boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham

The British model Hana Cross who is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham is currently dating a Kuwaiti guy named Nasser Alfallah.

Nasser Alfallah is Hana Cross’s new boyfriend and he is three years younger than her. They have been together since late 2019. But Hana was popular earlier that year when she was dating Brooklyn Beckham, son of famous footballer David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

Hana and Brooklyn were young when they were dating each other and their relationship was quite volatile. Their huge fight that happened back in November 2019 also made news headlines and the truth that their relationship was toxic got revealed to the world. However, the couple peacefully split and now both of them have moved on with their life. 

On one hand, Brooklyn is engaged to his new girlfriend Nicola Peltz while on the other hand Hana Cross is also moving on with her new beau Nasser Alfallah.

Hana has also risen up to be a singer on top of being a successful model. She has also released a new breakup song and although she doesn’t mention his name, it is kind of obvious that she is talking about Beckham and calling him mean.

Name Hana Cross
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 60 kg
Measurements 32-24-34.5
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Profession Model
Married/Single Dating: Nasser
Education Chipping Campden School
Instagram @hancross

It seems that she is still heartbroken from her relationship and is not ready to see her ex being so happy so fast. But isn’t she also moving on with Nasser? Here is everything you need to know about Hana Cross’s new boyfriend Nasser Alfallah and Hana’s fight with her ex-boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham.

Who is Hana Cross’s boyfriend Nasser Alfallah?

Following her high-profile split from Brooklyn Beckham back in August 2019, Hana Cross was spotted with a new boyfriend named Nasser Alfallah.

The couple was seen smooching and indulging in PDA. This prompted us to know more about Hana’s new boyfriend. It was revealed that Nasser Alfallah is a Kuwaiti guy who is studying at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Nasser Alfallah is the younger brother of Kuwaiti director Noor Alfallah. Noor is also known as the former girlfriend of the British star, Mick Jagger who is 50 years older than her.

Nasser Alfallah Age

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Hana Cross’s boyfriend Nasser Alfallah. We cannot even find him on social media platforms also. Actually he had an Instagram account under his name but that account is no more available, it seems that he deactivated his account to avoid public attention. So it is a little hard to get more information on Hana Cross’s new boyfriend in 2020, Nasser.

However, we have come to find out that Nasser is three years younger than Hana Cross. Hana Cross is currently 23 years old which means Nasser Alfallah’s age should be around 20 years old. 

Everything On Hana Cross’s Fight With Ex Boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham

Hana Cross and Brooklyn Beckham dated each other for approximately nine months back in 2019. Their relationship was surely not easy as they were spotted in heated arguments many times in the public.  

Their relationship made several headlines when the couple used to argue over some animated topics and their major huge fight happened back in May 2019. They were spotted at a restaurant and Brooklyn was seen frustrated while walking away with his hands on his head. While Hana was also seen arguing and looking at Brooklyn with tear-filled eyes.

Their fight did not involve physical attacks but it involved screaming and lashing out. Both of them said pretty mean things to each other but they later apologized and seemed like they got back again. However, after about two-three months, the couple decided to break their relationship off. They decide to stay friends instead.

Brooklyn started off his new romance with his now-fiance Nicola Peltz and  Hana Cross also moved on with her new boyfriend Nasser Alfallah. But it seems that Hana Cross is still not over Brooklyn as she has released a sad song branding Brooklyn to be ‘mean’ as she didn’t ever contact her after their split.


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