Who Is NHL Referee Tim Peel? Net Worth Salary, Wife And Audio 2019

NHL Referee Tim Peel Controversy: Net Worth And Salary Revealed

NHL Referee Tim Peel Controversy: Net Worth And Salary Revealed

Tim Peel net worth and salary are impressive as he is one of the popular NHL referees. Let us explore his personal and career history in a detailed manner.

Tim Peel is an enthusiastic and former NHL referee. He has been working with the NHL for over 20 years, joining the NHLOA (national Hockey League Official Association) in 1995.  His records and career stats are pretty much impressive. 

With 22 years of experience in the Olympic appearance, he definitely has a lot to brag about. Talking about his records, he had 1,343 games under his belt as an official, including 90 playoff games. Recently, he is in the magazine’s headlines. Let’s find out his controversy in today’s date. 

Who Is NHL Referee Tim Peel? Audio Controversy

Tim Peel, a 53-year-old NHL referee, was born in Hampton, NB. According to the records, he was scheduled to retire next month. His last game lasts till April 24; after that, his NHL career ends, causing public disgrace. In short, His NHL career is banned.

According to the recently updated news from Bluelinestation, the Tim peel NHL referee has been fired from his position after the hot mic incident. Due to this, the NHL team take stern action by using rough language in the audio mic.

This incident occurs on March 24, 2021. His live audio was broadcasted on the game, which is quite embarrassing. 

Tim Peel Net Worth And Salary Unveiled

Tim’s net worth and salary are yet to disclose on the web. No doubt, he has a handsome amount of earnings during his entire career. 

As per our assumption, his yearly earning might be in millions of bucks as he is an experienced HHL Referee. Base on some online sources, his salary is estimated to be around $300 thousand per season.

Tim Peel Wife: Is He Married? 

Tim is a married man. His wife’s name is Tesha Peel and the duo tiled the knot in 2008. Their wedding ceremony took place in St Louis, Missouri, the US. We can’t trace his children’s details now at the time of this writing.

Similarly, Peel is a family man. He has very good bonding with his partner and kids, just in case if they have one. 

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