Who Is Nicholas Mcquirter? Everything On Zachary Teen Age And Wiki

Who Is Nicholas Mcquirter? What We Know About Arrested Zachary Teen

Who Is Nicholas Mcquirter? What We Know About Arrested Zachary Teen

Nicholas Mcquirter has been a big talk on the internet right now to know about who is he?

Let us find out his details and the mystery behind his talk.

Who is Nicholas Mcquirter? Wikipedia Details

Nicholas Mcquiter is a 17-year-old teen boy. He is currently in the hospital waiting to go to jail. But why is he going to jail? 

Nicholas has been or will be charged with second-degree murder. He has been arrested for shooting his girlfriend’s dad leaving him dead. 

Mcquirter was just a teenage boy from the city of Zachary which is in East Baton Rouge Parish in the state of Louisiana. 

There is no news or information about him on Wikipedia.

Nicholas Mcquirter Dezmon Hamilton Murder

Nicholas Mcquiter was dating Dezmon Hamilton’s daughter for quite some time. Dezmon did not want his 14-year-old daughter to date this guy. Dezmon was constantly trying to keep this guy away from his daughter.

Dezmon must have found something fishy in this guy. Because who would want an underage daughter of just 14 years old to get hurt and get in trouble.

Nicholas had snuck at his girlfriend’s house. Hamilton caught him and must have got angry or asked him to leave. The rage and anger started to escalate and the shooting happened.

There is no news as to who shot whom first. But Mr. Dezmon Hamilton got killed while saving his daughter from a troubled teenager.

Dezmon was not just a great father but also a person who was a kind giver to his society and hometown. 

It was a very sad incident. The neighbors also heard the shot. Nicholas and Dezmon were taken to the hospital but Dezmon was already dead. Nicholas has got some gunshot injuries. He is said to serve his time in prison and pay for his deeds.

More On The Zachary Teen

This Zachary teen has not just taken a father’s life. He has not just been charged with second-degree murder. But also for illegal possession of a stolen firearm and illegal use of a weapon.

He is a 17-year-old teenager who literally killed a father to 4 kids. He repeatedly went to his girlfriend’s place even when he was not allowed to be there.

Nicholas climbed a two-story ladder and snuck at his girlfriend’s home. This incident happened early morning at around 8 am. 

The information was given to the media by Chief McDavid of the Police Department. He has said that they are still investigating the murder. 




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