Who Is Niels Houweling? Wikipedia, Age, Job, Net Worth 2020

Who Is Niels Houweling? Wikipedia, Age, Job, What Does He Do For Living?

Who Is Niels Houweling? Wikipedia, Age, Job, What Does He Do For Living?

Niels Houweling is the boyfriend of Shiva Safai. It has just been a while, she split with her ex-boyfriend Mohammed Hadid. Just some days ago, she posted a photo with her new boyfriend kissing him on Instagram with the caption meet my new fiance. Niels Houweling is the new fiance of Shiva Safai.

Niels Houweling and Shiva Safai might be started dating some months ago. After their post on the Instagram  Niels Houweling started getting lots of followers and lots of stalker as well. He is in the spotlight after the post. He was questioned by many of the Shiva fans.

Name Niels Houweling
Age 27
Gender male
Nationality Dutch
Profession DJ
Married/Single In a Relationship
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/themostwntd/?hl=en

10 Facts on Niels Houweling:

  1. Niels Houweling looks so young and handsome but his exact date of birth.
  2. They started dating just some months ago, and the rumor on their relationship is on the headline of every news.
  3. He is 27 years old and he is from Netherland. He was born in Amsterdam and he spends his childhood in New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Uruguay, etc.
  4. Niels Houweling is a music producer and a DJ as well. He has spent more than eight-month of his life working on his new album which has not been released.
  5. His photos were posted by her girlfriend Shiva Safai on her Instagram with a romantic caption.
  6. Niels Houweling is active on his Instagram but his other social accounts are still not found.
  7. He has been earning money being a DJ and a music producer. His net worth and his salary are not revealed. He has been engaging in the music industry for his living.
  8. At first, Shiva Safai’s fans thought that Niels Houweling is her boyfriend. But the big surprise was that he is not just her boyfriend, she revealed with a post that he is her fiance.
  9. Niels Houweling is unavailable on Wikipedia.
  10. His parent’s information is under review.

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