Who Is Nika Diwa Aka Nikadiwa TikTok? Age And Instagram

Who Is Nika Diwa Aka Nikadiwa TikTok? Age And Instagram

Who Is Nika Diwa Aka Nikadiwa TikTok? Age And Instagram

Nika Diwa aka Nikadiwa is a TikTok star. Learn about her age and Instagram in this article.

Nika is a social media icon with thousands of followers. Reportedly, she is passionate about fashion merchandising.

Currently, she works in the merchandising department of The RealReal. Moreover, she has worked in this fashion company for seven years now.

Who Is Nika Diwa Aka Nikadiwa?

Nika Diwa aka Nikadiwa is a social media influencer.

However, her actual profession is related to fashion merchandising. Reportedly, she attended LIM College, where she completed her BBA degree in Fashion Merchandising.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she started working at Esley Collection in the wholesale department. After working for a year, she joined Ermenegildo Zegna.

From June 2012 to March 2014, Nika worked for Barneys New York. Well, she joined The RealReal only in March 2014.


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Meet Her On TikTok

Nika Diwa is active on TikTok as @nikadiwa.

Reportedly, she has over 221.5 thousand followers there. Also, we can confirm that her videos have surpassed 4.8 million likes.

Furthermore, we can find Nika on YouTube too. Reportedly, she has around 8.5 thousand subscribers on her channel.

After viewing her TikTok videos, we can claim that she will be a celebrity shortly.

She is already famous, and with her continuous dedication, she will become one of the known TikTok stars in the world.

Nika Diwa Age: How Old Is She?

Nika Diwa’s current age is unknown.

Also, we have no details about her birthday. However, we predict from her pictures that she might be 30 to 40 years old.

Reportedly, Nika hails from Phillippines. But, she has been living in New York City for quite a while now.

So, we can claim that Nika is of American nationality. Furthermore, her ethnicity can be confirmed as Filipina-American.

Right now, we are not sure about her net worth. However, we can confirm that she lives a comfortable life with her family.

Is She On Instagram?

Nika Diwa is on Instagram as @nika.diwa.

Moreover, she has about 17.2 thousand followers. Also, she is on Facebook with over 1 thousand followers.

From her profile, we can confirm that Nika is already married to her longtime boyfriend. However, she has not revealed her partner’s name yet.

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