Who Is Ofeliabear On Twitch? Age, Birthday, Real Name And Instagram

Who Is Ofeliabear On Twitch? Age, Real Name And Instagram

Who Is Ofeliabear On Twitch? Age, Real Name And Instagram

Ofeliabear is a Twitch streamer based in America. She created her Twitch account on June 23, 2020. Recently, she has been streaming just chatting videos and playing Happy Wheels. Ofeliabear also streams with other Twitch streamers.

Ofeliabear’s channel grew in December 2020 and is still growing in January 2021. She is ranked at 14,035th position and is among the top 0.15% of Twitch as of January 2021. Ofeliabear is also active on other social media platforms and has a Youtube channel.

Quick Facts: Who Is Ofeliabear On Twitch? Age, Real Name And Instagram

Name Ofeliabear
Age 20-23
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Tiktok @ofeliabear
Twitter @ofeliabear
Youtube ofeliabear

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ofeliabear 

  1. Who Is Ofeliabear on Twitch? She is a streamer who has 15.6k followers on Twitch. She streams games such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Minecraft, Roblox, to name a few.
  2. How old is Ofeliabear? The exact age, date of birth, birthday, and zodiac sign of Ofeliabear have not been revealed yet. She seems to be in her early twenties.
  3. Ofeliabear is the online name of the Twitch star and she has not revealed her real name yet. Ofeliabear’s nationality is American but her ethnicity has not been disclosed yet.
  4. She earns her living from Twitch, sponsorships, advertisements, and donations. The earning and salary details of Ofeliabear along with her net worth have been kept private.
  5. Ofeliabear is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube, but she does not have an Instagram account.
  6. The streamer joined Twitter in October 2018. She has over 20k followers on the platform with 943 tweets as of January 2021.
  7. Ofeliabear has a Tiktok account with 23.4k followers. She has 447.8k likes on the social media platform. Ofeliabear’s Tiktok bio says she is a streamer from the big city with a small brain.
  8. She tries to upload funny videos and Twitch highlights on her Youtube channel. Ofeliabear joined Youtube on March 3, 2016.
  9. Ofeliabear has a presence on Reddit where her fans discuss the streamer, her appearance, face, and the dramas she has been involved in.
  10. She was recently involved in a drama on Twitch and has posted her side of the story and her statement on her Twitter account.

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