Who is Ohio Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapist Robyn Bassani: Ohio State Allegations Detailed

Massage Therapist Robyn Bassani: Ohio State Allegations Detailed

Robyn Bassani is an Ohio massage therapist whose pictures are on-demand. She received some heated allegations. Let’s learn more.

Robyn is a massage therapist in the Cleveland area. She was accused of preying on Ohio State players.

Robyn Bassani Pictures

Robyn Bassani’s pictures were not released in the Ohio State report.

The report had accused her of targeting the Ohio State football players for physical relations. Her name was not mentioned in the report. But all the indications and information provided strictly pointed towards her.

Bassani was interviewed by two police officers and a state medical board. However, no charges were made against her because the incident did not involve any criminal activity. Also, 117 players including the current and former ones, and all coaches and staff members were also interviewed.

The Ohio State report clearly stated the lady used a massage scheme to target their football players.

Besides, it also accused her of engaging in physical activity with five of them. Bassani has denied she approached the guys for having those relations.

Robyn Bassani: Is she on Instagram?

Robyn Bassani’s Instagram is yet to be verified.

There is an account on Instagram with her name. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether it is her real account or not. The account @massage_w_robyn is private. There are around 276 followers with 312 posts in the account.

Furthermore, another account @robynbassanixx also follows her name. This one is also a private account with 182 followers.

Robyn Bassani: Who is Ohio Massage Therapist?

Robyn Bassani is a professional therapist at Ohio State University. She is the native of Columbus, the capital of Ohio state. Bassani has reached 41 years of age.

Bleacher Report reports a complaint was filed against Robyn to the state medical board. It alleged her of demanding payment after having physical relations with the athletes of Ohio State University. The 15-page report released by the university says there were no minors involved in the activities.

10TV reported that Bassani confirmed having those relationships with players, two of them to be precise. But she firmly insisted that those activities were always initiated by them. She stated of never approaching any of those players for consensual relations.

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