Who is Omid Scobie? Omid Scobie’s Age, Twitter, Parents Bio

Who is Omid Scobie? 10 Facts on British Journalist

Who is Omid Scobie? 10 Facts on British Journalist

Omid Scobie is a young British journalist based in London who is getting all the attention right now because he is editing and writing the biography about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The book titled Freedom is supposed to talk about Harry and Meghan’s story and how the story of a modern royal couple got so popular in the world.

Scobie is a very young journalist who has done some big works. He is a royal editor for Harper’ Bazaar- a popular British magazine and a very prestigious as well. He is a contributor to ABC News and a regular in the show Good Morning America in the ABC. Omid has the voice of a younger generation and working-class and middle-class British families and that is why his journalism is valued so much in Britain. He is also remembered in America as the guy who writes about the British Royals.

Name Omid Scobie
Birthday 4 July 1990
Age 30
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Journalist
Married/Single Unknown
Instagram @scobiesnaps
Twitter @scobie

Omid Scobie Age

According to a popular site online that writes about celebrities, Omid Scobie is 30 years old as of 2020. He was born on 4th July 1990. He was born in London and has been based in London all his career even though he made shows in the USA.

Omid Scobie Twitter

Omid Scobie is a very classy journalist and uses Twitter as it is more used by serious individuals and thinkers. He has 50 thousand followers on Twitter and uses his Twitter handle to promote whatever he is doing and also raises issues about issues he finds important as journalists are supposed to do.

He announced on Twitter on 4th May about the new Prince Harry and Meghan’s biography. The book is going to give inside details into the royal world and describe how Modern Royal Family was established who gave up their titles and moved to another country- something that has not happened before.

Moreover, he also posts videos like this one where he is seen angry at a person denying to wear masks in this critical time. He writes, “what Is Up With These People? It’s Just A Damn Mask” with intermediate claps emojis that’s supposed to highlight his irritation to this culture of ignorance.

Omid Scobie Parents And Family

Not a lot has been written about Omid’s parents because it’s not talked about in the media at all. He has an Iranian root which must mean one of his parents could be from Iran but we can’t confirm that. All I can say is that his parents must be proud of him because he is achieving many different things at such a young age.

10 Interesting Facts About Omid Scobie

  1. Omid Scobie was born on 4th July 1990 which makes him 30 years old as of 2020.
  2. Omid grew up in London and that’s where he was born as well. He is based in London as well even to this day.
  3. We have no idea about his education details but he must have gone to a really nice school to be a talented journalist.
  4. Scobie has been writing for eight years about the lives of younger members of the British Royal Family.
  5. Omid is also a royal news contributor to ABC News and a regular personality on Good Morning America.
  6. Scobie looks average but we have no official details about his height and weight as well as his body measurements.
  7. We have no details about Scobie’s love life and if he’s dating anyone.
  8. Omid is not as active on Instagram where he has shared only 16 posts to date but he is very active on Twitter.
  9. We have no idea about his net worth.
  10. He is on Instagram as @scobiesnaps and has 21.1 thousand followers.

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