Who is Opal Lee? Wikipedia Age & Ms Lee Juneteenth Walk

Who is Opal Lee? Everything On Ms Lee Juneteenth Walk

Who is Opal Lee? Everything On Ms Lee Juneteenth Walk

Opal Lee of age 94 years old has no Wikipedia bio. Ms Lee Juneteeth Walk is named after her annual walk performed every June 19.

Opal is an activist from Forth Worth. She has working to make Juneteenth a national holiday since 2016.

The day is considered to have a cultural and historical cornerstone for African Americans.

Opal has been a long-time supporter of the celebration. She is one of the most celebrated Black Americans in history. Here are details on her.

Who is Opal Lee? Wikipedia 

Opal Lee does not have a Wikipedia bio.

She is a former teacher, lifelong activist, and social worker.

Lee was born in Marshall, Texas, to African American family. She studied at the Wiley College in Marshall.

Opal became an activist after her home on Fort Worth’s Southside was burned by white neighbors.

The Texan native then moved to Washington DC. Eventually did social work for more than 25 years.

As of now, she is helping as a lead to make June 19 a Federal Holiday.

Her Age & Ms Lee Juneteenth Walk

Opal Lee is 94 years of age.

She was born in the year 1927.

The activist celebrates her birthday every October 7. According to astrology, she belongs to the Libra sign.

Opal Lee is considered the Grandmother of Juneteenth.

Ms. Lee Juneteeth Walk is also called the Opal Walk.

On the day, Opal Lee embarks on a 2.5-mile walk. The event kicks off in the morning and allows free public participation.

She performs it every year on June 19. The walk honors the 2.5 years it took for all enslaved people to learn of their freedom.

Opal Lee Husband

Opal Lee was married to her husband at the age of 16.

The couple has four grown children together. 

There is very little information related to Lee’s husband and family on the web.

Her Twitter

Opal Lee does not have a Twitter account. 

But she is supported by many over the platform. The community activist is often praised for her memorable campaigns.

Opal Lee has a profile on Instagram. The username is “@therealopallee.”

Until now, the account has amassed more than 3.1 thousand followers.

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