Who Is Ouissem Belgacem? Wikipedia Age, Origine & Biographie

Who Is Ouissem Belgacem? Wikipedia And Details To Follow

Who Is Ouissem Belgacem? Wikipedia And Details To Follow

Ouissem Belgacem is a French businessman entrepreneur and writer. Find if he has a Wikipedia page under his name. Learn about his age and origine.

Ouissem is known for his contribution to a startup named OnTract Sport, as he is also the founder and CEO of the company. 

It is a company that provides professional footballers with comprehensive coaching & consulting service. 

As a businessman, he has worked as a market analyst and tactical business consultant and has made his name popular among business-minded people and common folks alike.

Belgacem is also a former football player who used to play for the Toulouse Football Club.

Ouissem Belgacem Wikipedia & Biographie

Ouissem Belgacem is yet to have a Wikipedia page under his name. 

Not to worry, different articles and media have featured his biographie and have expressed more about him.  

It has explained how homosexuality has affected his life and performance and has mentally harmed & tortured him. Homosexual mental therapy is rare, so most of the time, it is kept secret. 

Sometimes people find it difficult to express themselves & he was not an exception. Many times he tried to lock himself inside the door. 

Not only this, but he also tried to date a girl, but his same sex-attraction caused him a lot of pain. 

About his educational details, he is a master’s degree holder from the University of Westminster. More of his educational details are found on his LinkedIn profile.

He used to play football from 2003 to 2008 at the regional Toulouse Football Club.

Ouissem Belgacem Age & Origine

Ouissem Belgacem hasn’t disclosed his actual age publicly.

However, he seems to be in the 35-40 years of age group. 

His complete birth details are not accessible at the moment. He was born and grown up in France and hailed from mixed French origine.

He belongs to a blended ethnic family but hasn’t cleared the suspense behind his familie (family) roots.

Know His Wife

Ouissem Belgacem has not disclosed any details of his married life and wife.

Similarly, he has always been secretive about his sexuality. 

Also, he hasn’t shared any details regarding his dating life. So, it is unconfirmed if he is in a relationship or not right now.

He also hasn’t disclosed his net worth publicly and is also unavailable on social media handles.  

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