Who Is Paulina Arreola Perez Instagram? Cartel Girlfriend Age Wiki

Who Is Cartel Girlfriend Paulina Arreola? Find Her On Instagram

Who Is Cartel Girlfriend Paulina Arreola? Find Her On Instagram

Paulina Arreola Perez flaunts her lavish life on Instagram. She is a late curvaceous attention seeker. Find more about Cartel girlfriend age and wiki.

Paulina is the glamorous ex-girlfriend of an assassinated Cartel boss, El Alexis. She was tricked into a meeting of buying shoes turned into a grizzly murder scene in Benito Juarez, Mexico City.

Police revealed that Perez was shot nine times by two men on bikes as she rode through Alamos neighborhood.

Who Is Paulina Arreola Perez?

Paulina Arreola Perez was a shoe dealer who flaunted her luxurious lifestyle on Instagram.

Well, she was a fashion enthusiast. In her many pictures on Instagram, she was often spotted wearing expensive clothes and shoes.

She was reportedly duped into meeting a bogus client who wanted to buy her shoes.

Perez was hit with a hail of bullets, and her friend Eduardo Arturo Trejo was also killed in the shooting in Mexico City on June 9.

She was targeted due to her links with the La Union Tepito cartel and her ex-boyfriend, a cartel leader, Alexis ‘El Alexis’ Martinez.

The Sun unfolds that Paramedics and police attended the scene before they both succumbed to their gunshot injuries in hospital.

Everything On Cartel Girlfriend

Paulina Arreola Perez was a girlfriend of an assassinated Mexican Cartel leader.

Perez’s former boyfriend was a drug lord. He is well-known to be involved in the sale of narcotics, extortion all around the Mexican capital.

The couple also shared pictures of their extravagant vacations in Dubai, Athens, and Toronto.

She became a shoe dealer after her Cartel leader boyfriend Alexis ‘El Alexis’ Martinez was murdered in March by men dressed as food delivery workers.

Perez Age: How Old?

Paulina Arreola Perez died at the age of 26.

As per the article published in The Sun on 11 June 2021, Perez was claimed to be 26.

However, we’re still unaware of when she had celebrated her birthday.

Is She On Wiki?

Paulina Arreola Perez is not seen on Wiki.

However, the outlets regarding Cartel’s girlfriend getting slain after embracing her lavish life on social media also spread on Reddit.

The news brutal killing of Perez is also seen on Facebook.

The video of the shooting incident that killed Perez is still behind the curtain. 

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