Who Is Playing God In Lucifer Season 5? Dennis Haysbert Wife, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Playing God In Lucifer Season 5? Dennis Haysbert Wife, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Playing God In Lucifer Season 5? Dennis Haysbert Wife, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Playing God In Lucifer Season 5? Dennis Haysbert is a veteran actor who has worked in the acting industry or more than 40 years. He has a lot of iconic roles but he is playing God in the 5th season of Lucifer.

Haysbert first came into the acting business in 1978 and has since established himself as TV royalty. Known for his roles on shows like 24, The Unit among others. 

Popular for his physique and presence he usually takes roles that have gravity. Among his characteristics that shine through is his heavy voice that he uses for intense dialogue delivery. 

Dennis Haysbert Wife

Dennis Haysbert is a divorcee and has 2 kids. His first wife was Elena Simms, he got married to Elena in 1980. His marriage lasted or 4 years and they called quits in 1984. 

He did not marry for a while after this but he dated some actresses until settling with Lynn Griffith. He got married to her in 1989 and got divorced even faster than his first marriage staying together for only 3 years. 

From his marriages, he has a son named Charles Haysbert and a daughter named Katharine Haysbert. 

Dennis Haysbert’s Age 

Dennis Haysbert was born Dennis Dexter Haysbert on June 2, 1954. He is aged 67 years old as of August 2020. He was born to father Charles Whitney Haysbert, Sr, and mother Gladys Minor. 

He had 8 siblings among which were two sisters and six brothers. He went to his local elementary school and later joined San Mateo High School. Due to his height (he was 6 feet 5 inches tall by the end of high school), he was offered many scholarships in athletic universities but he chose to pursue a career in drama. 

The actor later went on to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Dennis Is God (On Netflix’s Lucifer)

The leading man will have one of the most anticipated roles in the show, Lucifer. Fans were going crazy for the choice of actor in the role and they were mightily satisfied with his casting. 

The lead character on the show is obviously Satan (Tom Ellis) and Dennis will be playing his long-estranged father. A family reunion is in the works as God’s favorite son Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is also a member of the 5th season of the show. 

According to many online reports, he was the top choice to play God from the very beginning. 

Haysbert has also previously worked with Woodside on the hit drama crime series 24. This is one of the reasons he agreed to play the almighty one on the show. 

Dennis Haysbert Net Worth 2020

The leading actor Dennis Haysbert has a net worth of around $20 million as of August 2020. He amassed this net worth over a career spanning 4 decades.

Haysbert’s first role on film Scoring in 1979. From then on he has gone on to play roles on a plethora of films. Among his film roles are Chief Special Warfare Operator Billy Graham on the 1990s Navy Seals, Raymond Deagan on Far from Heaven. 

His first prominent TV role was on Now and Again. He played Dr. Theodore Morris on 22 episodes of the show. however, it was his turn as David Palmer on the thrilling series 24 that made him a household name. He played Palmer from 2001 to 2006 after which he joined the cast of The Unit as Sergeant Major Jonas Blane in the same year he left 24.

The actor has become synonymous with tough law enforcement roles and even made a hilarious cameo appearance on the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine as dirty FBI agent Bob Anderson and Captain Holt’s Xerox copy. 

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