Who is Preacher Michelle Tidball? Everything On Kanye West Proposed President and Life Coach

Who is Preacher Michelle Tidball? Everything On Kanye West Proposed President and Life Coach

Who is Preacher Michelle Tidball? Everything On Kanye West Proposed President and Life Coach

Michelle Tidball or rather Preacher Michelle Tidball is a life coach who came into the limelight after Kanye West revealed that she would be his running mate. 

At first, nobody took the announcement by West seriously but in a tell-all interview with Forbes, the rapper said that he as serious about the presidency. 

Who Is Michelle Tidball?

Michelle Tidball is a preacher and life coach who lives in Cody, Wyoming, USA. She runs an online bible study program named “Abundant Ministries”. 

According to her self-bio, she has mental health degrees and criminal justice degrees. Similarly, her official website also reveals that she is a passionate supporter of Christianity, a trait that matches with Kanye West. 

She is a preacher and a life coach at the same time, she pastors and also speaks often at her church. 

Michelle is a life coach that teaches, as she puts it, the way of god. 

Kanye Had Not Mentioned Her Before But They Have A Link

Before the interview with Forbes, almost no fans knew of Tidball, and West himself had not mentioned her name anywhere. But her name has gone viral after the rapper said she could be his running mate. 

There is however a link between Kanye and her home state, he started going to her hometown of Cody, Wyoming in 2017 with his wife, Kim Kardashian.  

The rapper also has a business foothold in the area as he and his business team bought the Monster Lake Ranch which is spread over 4,500 acres.

It Is a well-known fact that West is a passionate Christian, he has expressed this fact many times in public and has also released a song called Jesus Is King (which was shot in Cody, Wyoming). Similarly, Tidball is a preacher and also an avid Christian, which might have been how they met. 

however, he West said that he was ‘DONE’ with Trump. 

How Old Is Michelle Tidball, Her Age In 2020?

Tidball is around 57 years old as of 2020, she was born on the 1st of January 2020 as per this source.

Are Yeezy And Michelle Supporting Trump By Running For President?

As of recent times, the opinion polls and general public liking has swayed towards the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, this mean that there is a high chance that he will become President defeating the Republican candidate and current POTUS Donald J. Trump

Similarly, the recent protests and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements due to the unfair treatment of African-Americans has decreased the popularity of the current President. 

Black votes play a huge part in electing the President and as such, some experts have speculated that West running for President would decrease the Black Vote for the Democratic party essentially putting Joe Biden at a disadvantage. 

He has also enthusiastically supported Trump in the past, as a matter of fact, they also share some similar ideologies like the ‘anti-vax, pro-life‘ stance.

Both of them have also criticized vaccines, including a potential Coronavirus vaccine. 

Another common link between, Kanye, Trump, and Michelle is that all 3 of them are passionate Christians. The POTUS recently caused controversy after his security detail used excessive force on BLM protestors just to go to a church and hold up a bible for a photo-op.

When Did Kanye West Announce he Was Gonna Run For President?  

The star Tweeted out that he would run for President on July 5, 2020, and got immediate support from his wife and Elon Musk. 

Many people thought that Musk would run for Vice-President but it seems West will run with Michelle. Some people have been skeptical about his run but there is a high chance he will win as some online polls suggested, take a look below

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