Who Is Princess Lockeroo? What Is Waacking Dance On TikTok?

Who Is Princess Lockeroo? What Is Waacking Dance On TikTok?

Who Is Princess Lockeroo? What Is Waacking Dance On TikTok?

Princess Lockeroo is a TikTok personality who has been making videos of waacking and it has spread all over TikTok. Lockeroo proclaims herself as “queen of waacking” and that’s wonderful because people love confidence. She has her Youtube channel as well and uploads her dancing videos there.

Even though she shares her dancing from YouTube and Instagram, it’s TikTok where she has found a considerable number of audiences. She was even featured in The New York Times and that just tells you what could happen if you just follow your passion. Princess Lockeroo is her stage name but her real name given by parents is Samara Cohen.

Cohen was taught by Brian Green who was her first teacher. Brian later introduced Cohen to Tyrone Proctor and then her waacking persona Princess Lockeroo was born. She has travelled 27 countries teaching waacking and judging the dance battles and performing as well. This captivating new Yorker has a confidence and style which is backed up by her ethics and hard work.

Although I can’t see myself ever doing this dance, I am very captivated by this dance and would love to see more of it. just look at how confident she looks as she waves her hands. After all, waacking is all about hands.

Who Is Princess Lockeroo?

Princess Lockeroo is a dancer and a social media personality who is one of the most influential dancers in the current urban dance scene in the world. She was a student of musicals already and after she learned the waacking, she mixed both of the styles and the result was a bit different kind of waacking- waacking that was a bit theatrical.

Her real name is Samara Cohen but we don’t know how old she is. She looks as if she is in her mid-30s judging from her Instagram posts. She is a very proud New Yorker as she mentions that on every interview she does.

Samara is doing humanitarian works as well as creative works. She has organized “Waack To The Future” – an international dance event that raises money for dancers who are fighting against AIDS.

What Is Waacking Dance On TikTok?

If you want to know waacking dance and its history, it could take a whole lot to explain but I will try to explain shortly about this dance form. Waacking is a bit like voguing- another dance form that was formed from the ball culture and LGBTQ community.

Waacking originated in the 1970s in Los Angeles where black homosexuals were doing this dance but tragically, most of them died during the AIDS crisis in the mid-80s. The dance form was almost dead but people who survived that time preserved it and Tyrone Proctor is one of them.

Waacking is about the arms and what the arms can say. However, there are many other moves in the dance form. Fashion choices of an individual also a factor in how fabulous performance can be.

As you can see, it’s all about the arms. Right now, people are very interested in waacking and has traveled far and wide into different cultures.

Waacking Trend On TikTok Explained

People really seem to love waacking on TikTok because there are a total of 39 million views on videos that have used “#waacking” on their videos. Most of the videos are done by girls but that’s not to say that boys don’t like this dance.

There are people who are even giving waacking tutorials on TikTok which could be helpful for anyone trying to learn the dance.


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