Who Is Rapper Delano G? Wikipedia Age, Net Worth And Girlfriend Foto

Rapper Delano G Arrested Over Shooting Of Peter De Vries: Who Is He?

Rapper Delano G Arrested Over Shooting Of Peter De Vries: Who Is He?

Rapper Delano G who got arrested is not on Wikipedia. You will learn about his Wikipedia age and net worth in this article.

Delano G is believed to be a dedicated musical artist. Moreover, he is famous for his song, So You Think You Can Dance.

Probably, he has already released some albums. A simple search on YouTube will surely lead you to listen to his popular songs.

Is Delano G On Wikipedia?

Delano G’s details are not on Wikipedia.

In fact, we cannot find his bio anywhere on the internet. Hopefully, the official details of the rapper will be published on the internet soon.

Reportedly, Delano is a repeat offender. According to NL Times, he has had criminal records in the past.

Despite being a rapper, he seems not to be available on social media platforms. Most probably, he has deleted them after his recent involvement in criminal activities.

Delano G Age Revealed

Delano G’s current age is 21 years old.

Recently, the police arrested him on the A4 highway after De Vries‘ shooting. Reportedly, Kamil E has also been arrested for helping him shoot Peter R de Vries.

We have come to know that De Vries is a crime journalist. Currently, he has been fighting for his life in the hospital. Moreover, his partner in crime, Kamil, is 35 years old. They have a huge age difference of 14 years.

Right now, we aren’t sure how they became friends. However, we can confirm that he is from Poland.

What Is Delano G Net Worth?

Delano G’s estimated net worth in 2021 is under review.

As a growing talent, we can assume that his earnings are somewhere in the thousands. However, the exact amount of his wealth hasn’t been discussed publicly.

After his recent arrest, he will have to pay fines and stop his professional life immediately. Thus, his net worth is bound to go down in 2021.

Everything On The Arrest Of Rapper Delano G

Delano G is a rapper from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Reportedly, he has arrested from his house in the Passewaaij district of Tiel. According to official reports, the police raided his home on July 7, 2021. Surprisingly, some Polish media have confirmed that Delano’s partner, Kamil has an active arrest warrant for thefts and robberies.

Does Delano G Have A Girlfriend?

We aren’t sure if Delano G has a girlfriend.

Well, the rapper hasn’t been open about his love life yet. Moreover, we can’t find him on Instagram where he could have shared his personal life.

Delano Foto Revealed

Delano G’s foto can be found on the internet easily.

Originally, he is from Rotterdam, and hence, his nationality is dutch. Although he is heavily linked with the shooting of De Vries, officials haven’t confirmed his identity yet.

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