Who is Rebekah Asselstine Dating? Wikipedia, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Rebekah Asselstine

Rebekah Asselstine

Rebekah Asselstine is an actress who is from Canada. She is a brilliant actress who has given many famous works in the entertainment industry. She has been part of over 10 ventures to date as an actress. She is an amazing actress along with being a gentle human being. Though she has already achieved a stable place in the industry she is still working very hard.

Name Rebekah Asselstine
Birthday June 27, 1990
Age 30 years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet and 2 inches
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actress, Dancer, Voice Artist, Choreographer
Married/Single Married
Husband Jacob Hoggard
Instagram @bekasselstine (private)
Twitter @RJAsselstine
Youtube Rebekah Asselstine

Last Night in Suburbia, Barbie Video Game Hero, Road to Christmas, Love on the Air, Restless Virgins, The Perfect Pickup, Supergirl, are few works of Rebekah which gained a huge amount of love from people. After she entered the industry she became part of tv series, movies, videos, etc.

As an actress, she is always trying to learn new things to enhance her skills and her knowledge of acting. Being an actress she has always been able to maintain a low profile.

10 Facts on Rebekah Asselstine:

  1. Rebekah Asselstine is an actress who has appeared in nearly 13 different shows including short movies, movies, television series, and animated series too. 
  2. She is actually a Canadian as she was born in New Westminster, Canada. 
  3. @bekasselstine is the private Instagram account she uses. 
  4. In the year 2018, she married her boyfriend named Jacob Hoggard, a popular Canadian singer.
  5. As per IMDb, her height is measured to be approximately 5 feet and 2 inches
  6. Born on June 27, 1990, Rebekah is currently 30 years of age.
  7. Although her information is not available on Wikipedia, these 10 facts will help you know everything about her for sure. 
  8. She isn’t public on Instagram doesn’t mean that she doesn’t connect to her fans. She has shown her presence on Twitter (1.06 thousand followers) and YouTube (66 subscribers) too. 
  9. Rebekah is nicknamed Bek and she is also called a voice artist, dancer, and choreographer too.
  10. An interesting to know about her is that she is adopted. 

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