Who Is Rhonda Graam? Wikipedia Net Worth, Husband: Cause Of Death

Who was Rhonda Graam? Tina Turner Assistant’s Family Life Explored

Who was Rhonda Graam? Tina Turner Assistant’s Family Life Explored

Rhonda Graam is Tina Turner‘s assistant. Is her family life explored on Wikipedia? Let’s find that out.

Graam was Tina Turner‘s assistant until she died on January 13, 2021.

According to HITC, she was Tina‘s confidant, and they had grown their relationship very strong after spending a lot of time together.

Before Rhonda started to work under Tina, she was just a big fan of the singer. However, she became a part of her life as she started to serve under her in 1964.

Rhonda Graam Wikipedia

Graam’s details are definitely not on Wikipedia. She wasn’t a celebrity herself but was known for being the assistant of a celebrity.

Well, Rhonda was successful in earning her bio on IMDb. From her profile, we have come to know that she recently appeared in the 2021 documentary of the singer Tina. The documentary got released on March 28, 2021.

Rhonda Graam Husband: Was She Married?

Rhonda Graam’s husband is not known to us. In fact, we are unknown about her personal life.

This means that we do not have any information that relates to her family or children. However, we can confirm that she used to take Tina Turner as her own family member.

Rhonda Net Worth Explored

Graam never revealed her net worth. Moreover, we do not know how much the great singer paid her.

As Tina and Rhonda shared a very close relationship, we can confirm that her salary was quite great. After all, living with a celebrity, there shouldn’t be any doubt that she lived a very comfortable life.

Graam Cause Of Death: How Did She Die?

Rhonda Graam’s cause of death has never been revealed. We only know that Tina had announced her death.

On her Instagram profile, she showed how heartbroken she was after her friend Rhonda died. Furthermore, she also revealed in an interview that Rhonda’s mom called Tina her own daughter.

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