Who Is Roy Exum? Wikipedia, Wife And Family Facts

Who Is Roy Exum? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Roy Exum? Everything You Need To Know

Roy Exum is an American journalist, writer, and editor based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Roy Exum’s latest writing about the Florida grocery chain, Publix has gone trending on the internet. The article, which is published on chattanooga.com has gathered a lot of attention from the readers. 

Moreover, the article fixates on how Julia Jenkins, the daughter of “Mr. George” Jenkins donated over $2 million for Trump’s campaign. Besides, the article also suggested that she donated $300,000 for his final rally that led to the Capitol riots. 

Let’s try and know more about him. 

Who is Roy Exum?

Roy Exum is a writer, editor, and journalist for Chattanooga.com. 

An advanced observer and insightful writer for a long time, Roy Exum has been writing articles addressing the major events for almost four decades. He has dedicated his whole life to writing. 

Moreover, Roy is also one of the most-known local columnists. He worked as a columnist for the newspaper, Patriot Post. As of now, he writes independent articles. As per his interview, his father owned a newspaper press company in Chattanooga. 

Is the writer on Wikipedia?

Roy Exum doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

Unfortunately, you won’t find him on Twitter on Instagram either. He keeps himself off the temptations of social media. However, he does have an inactive Linkedin profile. 

Furthermore, Roy’s current salary and net worth are undetermined. As for his job, he does professional editing. For someone who has spent over 40 years as a journalist, Exum has accumulated a lot of earnings as well. 

Meet Roy Exum’s Wife and Family

Roy Exum is a married man with a wife and family. 

Currently based in Larger Chattanooga, the journalist resides with his wife and two children. However, nothing much is known about his wife. 

His son, Andrew is a former Captain in an Army Ranger Unit and his daughter, Mary is a Christian counselor. 

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