Who Is Rusty Featherstone From TikTok? Age, Instagram and Height Facts To Know

Who Is Rusty Featherstone From TikTok? Here We What We Know About

Who Is Rusty Featherstone From TikTok? Here We What We Know About

Who is Rusty Featherstone from TikTok? It’s clear that Rusty Featherstone is a TikTok star but only a few people know about this talented guy. So, we will be discussing this TikTok star in this article.

Yes, Rusty is a very talented TikTok star and at a first glance, you might not think so. Have you watched his videos yet? Well, if you haven’t, our site recommends you to watch at least one.

Who Is Rusty Featherstone From TikTok?

Rusty Featherstone is a TikTok star who has managed to earn nearly 57.2 thousand followers. In fact, his TikTok videos have earned a total of 479.3 thousand likes until today’s date but we are sure that the number is going to rise very soon.


Reply to @uh.connor if you’re gonna hit the king you better kill the king

♬ original sound – Rusty

If you have been wondering about what TikTok videos he makes, let us tell you that he has come up with this new idea – he drinks a bottle of beverage at one shot. This has surprised a lot of people and they even called it fake, but the video above shows that he is actually talented and the video is absolutely real. 

Facts To Know: Rusty Featherstone’s Age and Height

The first fact that people have been wanting to know is about Rusty Featherstone’s age but unfortunately, he has not revealed his birthday details. Thus, we have no idea how old he is but as per his looks, we can surely tell that he is just around his twenties.

Moving on, Rusty Featherstone’s videos have been shot in such a way that his whole body is not seen. Thus, we are not sure how tall he is and also, the man himself has not spoken about his height until now.

Is Featherstone On Instagram?

Well, the TikTok star Rusty Featherstone has not provided any link to his Instagram account. So, it’s a doubt that he is active on this social media platform.


♬ original sound – Rusty

Apart from just his Instagram, we have not been able to find a lot of his information including his parents and siblings. Also, we are unable to find his bio and the only thing we know about his family is their surname – Featherstone

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