Who Is Saman Abbas? Wikipedia Morte And Facebook Instagram

Who Is Saman Abbas? Wikipedia Morte And Facebook Instagram

Who Is Saman Abbas? Wikipedia Morte And Facebook Instagram

Who is Saman Abbas? She is an 18 years old girl currently been missing. Learn about her via Wikipedia.

Saman disappeared from her home in Italy after she had returned home in late April. 

Previously, she had opposed an arranged marriage and had left her home but came back for her identification papers. 

However, Abbas didn’t return alive, and her body is still missing.

Who is Saman Abbas? Wikipedia

Saman Abbas is an 18 years old Pakistani girl living in Italy with her family. 

Saman has not been featured on Wikipedia. 

On the other hand, various media outlets, both national and international, have covered the matter. 

Her parents have not been identified yet and have fled to Pakistan following her disappearance. 

The teen’s brother was arrested, and he had revealed that it was actually their uncle, Hasnain Danish, who killed her. 

The police had released CCTV footage, and we can see three figures walking with spades, a crowbar, and a blue bag. 

The three suspects have been identified as her uncle and two cousins.

One of the cousins was arrested in France and brought to Italy, but the other family members are still missing. 

Saman Abbas Morte

Saman Abbas morte is still being investigated. 

Her body has still not been found with the suspects, her uncle, arents, and cousin still missing. 

The reason for her murder was her denying an arranged marriage last year. 

Her parents had arranged for her to get married to her cousin back in their home country, Pakistan. 

Later, Saman had frantically told her boyfriend that her mother was talking about her death, and she was sure they were planning to kill her. 

Her boyfriend disclosed that she had told him that he should call the police if she hadn’t called him in 48 hours. 

True to her suspicions, she was allegedly murdered by her own family. 

Saman Abbas Facebook and Instagram

Saman Abbas does not seem to have a Facebook.

But she was active on Instagram under the username @itali_angirl05.

Her account has 2 posts and 162 followers so far, with no pictures of her family.

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