Who Is Samuel Wiener From TikTok? Star Facing Sexual Allegations, His Apology Video

Who Is Samuel Wiener From TikTok? Allegations and Apology Video

Who Is Samuel Wiener From TikTok? Allegations and Apology Video

The TikTok star Samuel Wiener is facing sexual allegations. In light of the matter, he issued an apology video.

Where TikTok is a perfect place to chill out and have a break from a busy life, sometimes there are a lot of atrocities going on inside the platform. Surely, this isn’t the first time someone is facing sexual allegations due to his behavior on the internet. 

And this time, it is a TikTok content creator called Samuel Wiener. Know everything about what he did and why he is facing such allegations. Here is the complete exploration of the event. 

Who Is Samuel Wiener From TikTok? 

Samuel Wiener is a social media content creator who makes random videos on TikTok. 

However, his TikTok account is currently private. Hence, we do not know much about his videos and their type. As of now, Samuel has amassed over 105k followers on the video networking site. Similarly, his account shows over 2200 likes as well. 

Wiener Sexual Allegations and Apology: What Did He Do?

Samuel Wiener sexually harassed minor girls. That led to the allegations and headlines. 

A group of minors reported that the TikTok content creator flirted with them on comments and sexually harassed them. Samuel, on the other hand, has denied the allegations and said that it was just a casual commenting. 

However, the TikTok star was quick to make an apology video addressing those girls. That can’t be found now as he has kept all of his social media accounts private. 

How old is Samuel Wiener? 

The TikTok star is currently 20 years of age. 

However, nothing further is known about his personal life. There’s not much on his TikTok bio either except for “No bio yet.” He certainly prefers to keep a low profile and given the situation, it is totally understandable. 

Moreover, Samuel Wiener is not present on Wikipedia of course. You can find him on Twitter though. But his tweets are private as well. But it didn’t stop people from passing hateful comments about him on the platform.  

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