Who Is Sanaa Lathan Married To?

Everything On Sanaa Lathan Husband and Boyfriend: Who Is Sanaa Lathan Married To?

Everything On Sanaa Lathan Husband and Boyfriend: Who Is Sanaa Lathan Married To?

Sanaa Lathan is a famous American actress and voice actress who has been active in the show business since 1996.

Sanaa has worked on various films like The Family That Preys, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Something New, Alien vs. Predator, etc which have made her famous. 

Similarly, she has also voiced iconic characters like the Donna Tubbs in The Cleveland Show. Likewise, she has won various awards including the BET Best Actress award for ‘Love & Basketball’ in 2001. 

In addition to this, she is also famous for working as an executive producer of various films and shows. She has been recognized as an iconic contributor to the black community in the arts.   

Name Sanaa Lathan
Birthday September 19, 1971
Age 48
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Actress
Net Worth $4 million
Married/Single Unmarried
Instagram sanaalathan

Who Is Sanaa Lathan’s Husband?

Sanaa Lathan is not married and is fully focused on her career as well as creating a future for other young black actors. In CultureCon in late 2019, she said that she was fully been invested in her projects.

She was even quick to note that there was a wild obsession in the community for Black women to marry, she also said that this may be due to the fairytales and romcoms that set expectations for women to get married and settle rather than pursuing a career. 

Lathan also declared that she chose herself first and did not even need a husband to be fulfilled. She took a stance against the traditional stance of the women-only win when they are chosen by a man. 

She also added that the divorce rate was a big factor in her not being interested in marriage. The actress added that the divorce rate was more than 50 percent and she would not invest in anything that fails half the time. 

Lathan does believe in relationships and she is looking for love but she doesn’t want to get tied down with the concept of marriage. Another argument she put forward is that she was focused on herself and loves herself. She believes that when someone loves themselves they attract a better quality of the situation. 

One of her preferences is that she wants a partner who can see her shine, who wants her success, and who will be there for her when all the Hollywood dream is over. The actress also wants to be there from someone until the end. 

Sanaa Lathan’s Past Relationships And Rumors

One of her most public relationships was with her co-star Omar Epps. They were co-leads in the cult classic ‘Love & Basketball” in 2001 and they dated during the movie according to Cheatsheet. At the time they kept the relationship under wraps and only Prince-Brythwood knew about them. 

They were incredibly scared about the relationship affecting their roles in the film. She went on the record and said that often if co-leads in romantic movies date, their on-screen chemistry fades and there is no tension.

According to multiple sources, their relationship lasted under two years. They were always secretive about their relationships to prevent it from damaging their then-budding careers. 

The co-stars played Monica and Quincy on Love & Basketball which became instantly beloved and opened with $8 million in its first weekend.

Lathan and Omar Epps have remained friends even after their relationship ended. A sequel was rumored to be in the works but there is no official word, when Epps was asked about the sequel, he said that he would want the on-screen couple to divorce to reflect the divorce rate in the country. 

Omar has since moved on and has been married to Keisha Epps since 2005, they also have 2 children daughter K’mari Mae and son Amir. 

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