Who Is Sarah Turney From TikTok? What Happened To Alissa Turney?

Who Is Sarah Turney From TikTok? What Happened To Alissa Turney?

Who Is Sarah Turney From TikTok? What Happened To Alissa Turney?

Who is Sarah Turney from TikTok? As you might know, she is a TikTok star who has already earned more than 21.1 thousand followers on her official TikTok account. The main reason she uses TikTok is to provide justice to her lost sister, Alissa Turney, who went missing back in the year 2001.

Name Sarah Turney
Birthday 1989
Age 31 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Personality, Host, TikTok Star, Social Advocate
Parents Michael Turney and Barbara Strahm
Siblings 4
Instagram @justiceforalissa
Tiktok @saraheturney

What happened to Alissa Turney? Exactly on May 17, 2001, she got disappeared and according to Sarah Turney, her sister had gone to school. Michael Turney, their father used to pick up them from school but since he got quite busy that day, Alissa had gone to her friend’s house. The lost child is still unknown and she has been trying hard to find what really happened to her dear sister.

10 Facts on Sarah Turney:

  1. Sarah Turney was born in the year 1989 which means that she is currently 31 years of age.
  2. Moreover, Sarah Turney was even convinced that her father, Michael Turney had killed her own daughter because of his unusual behavior towards Alissa
  3. We can even find her active on Instagram as well where she has managed to gain nearly 21.1 thousand followers.
  4. Moving on to her mother, her name was Barbara Strahm and she died of cancer. 
  5. According to Walikali, it has also been known that Alissa was actually her step-sister, and apart from her, Sarah has a total of four other siblings. 
  6. Currently, we are completely unknown about her husband or boyfriend.
  7. Also, no official information has yet been known about her height, weight, and other body measurements.  
  8. Professionally, she is not just a TikTok star but she has often been recognized as an advocate and social media personality.
  9. Currently, she remains the host of the podcast named Voices For Justice
  10. Talking more about her father, Michel has now been charged for 2nd-degree murder and also a Class 1 Felony for the death of Alissa Turney

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