Who is Scarlett Aldrich? Boyfriend Age, Tattoos And Instagram

Scarlett Aldrich Boyfriend Age: Meet Her On Instagram

Scarlett Aldrich Boyfriend Age: Meet Her On Instagram

Scarlett Aldrich is recognized as a flirty officer whose boyfriend is being searched by thousands of people.

Scarlett Aldrich had been serving as a prison officer until she was convicted of a horrible crime. After she was arrested, she didn’t show any emotion, maybe because she was well aware of what she had done.

Before the conviction, Scarlett was one of the highly trusted members of HMP Full Sutton. According to the Daily Mail, she was given a suspended sentence because immediate custody would have devastated her loved ones.

Who Is Scarlett Aldrich Boyfriend?

Scarlett Aldrich boyfriend from the prison is Jones.

However, we aren’t sure if they are still together. According to The Sun, the other prisoners saw them chatting for almost two hours in August 2019. In fact, the police even warned her about the relationship she was maintaining with the prisoner.

However, she continued to chat with Jones regularly.

Aldrich Age: How Old Is She?

Scarlett Aldrich age in 2021 is already 22 years old.

However, she had begun her relationship with the inmate when she was just 20 years old. However, we have no idea about the inmate’s age currently. Probably, they have the same age group, which is why they got attracted to one another.

Everything To Know About Her Tattoos

Scarlett Aldrich has got tattoos all over her body now.

Two years back, she had tattooed the inmate’s cell number on her upper thigh. This act of her had horrified the officers who knew her from a young age. 

Probably, her parents, who are also police officers, are unhappy with what she has done. Now, she has been handed a jail sentence of 10 months after the police found out that she had even given the inmate a sim and a phone to talk to her.

Is She On Instagram?

Well, we haven’t found Scarlett Aldrich on Instagram lately.

Even if she had an account on social media, we are pretty much sure that she has deleted it.

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