Who Is Scarlett Business? Age Real Name And Instagram

Who Is Scarlett Business On AGT? Real Name Revealed

Who Is Scarlett Business On AGT? Real Name Revealed

Scarlett Business at AGT 2021 gave a next-level performance. Aged 24, explore Scarlett’s real name and Instagram here.

Scarlett is a hand-balancing contortionist from Texas. He is a drag queen who performs acrobatic acts in circuses.

AGT: Who Is Scarlett Business?

Scarlett Business is an AGT Season 16 performer.

Business appeared on the July 13 episode of the 2021 America’s Got Talent. And he left the stage wowing the crowd and the judges.

To point out, Scarlett performed hand balance and contortion on his high heels. Also, he made an outrageous split to end his performance on the stage.

No surprise, he earned the ticket to the next round with a “Yes” from each of the judges. In fact, they did not hesitate to praise his act and describe how they enjoyed him on the stage.

Scarlett is actually a drag performer. He performs acrobats at Las Vegas Circuit Center.

AGT: Scarlett Business Age – How Old Is He?

Scarlett Businness’s age is 24 years old.

Business reveals he has always dreamt of performing on an international stage as a child. He adds the Got Talent stage is a very big opportunity for him to fulfill his childhood dream.

In fact, Scarlett had auditioned for a high school program at the National Circus School when he was 15. He got accepted and moved there to pursue his career.

The exact birth details of Scarlett remain concealed as of now. Also, we are unaware of his parents and family background too.

Scarlett says he works really hard to make his dreams real. He believes the blood, sweat, and tears he made during his training will earn him quite a name on a big stage.

AGT: Scarlett Business Real Name – Where Is He From?

Scarlett Business’s real name is Kyle Cragle.

Kyle aka Scarlett is from Texas. Besides, he is yet to make clear where he was born and raised.

On the other hand, Cragle took the moniker of Scarlett to perform in the bar circuit. Now he appears with the same name at America’s Got Talent too.

Find Scarlett on Instagram

Scarlett has multiple accounts on Instagram.

@scarlettbusiness is the Instagram account for his moniker Scarlett. Also, he is on the platform as @kylecraglecircus.

Besides, Kyle has an account @kylecraglemua dedicated to his makeup tutorials.

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