Who is Sima Taparia? Indian Matchmaking Netflix Cast Details

Who is Sima Taparia? Indian Matchmaking Netflix Cast Details

Who is Sima Taparia? Indian Matchmaking Netflix Cast Details

Sima Taparia is coming to Netflix with her matchmaking skills from Mumbai with the show Indian Matchmaking. She is one of the biggest names in the Indian match-making market. 

The new series is a take on the arranged matchmaking business which comes off as part documentary and part reality TV show. Sima and her team follow her 7 clients as they try to find love and marital bliss via arranged marriage. 

Who Is Sima Taparia? 

Taparia is a marriage consultant and arranged marriage specialist operating out of Mumbai. She is popular with every high-income Marwari family living in the area.

She has also worked outside of India and has fixed marriages among young clients. The consultant was married to Anup Taparia. She wedded to him when she was just 19 years old. 

Taparia is an industrialist and the owner of Permanent Magnets Ltd. He has business holdings in hand tools, magnets, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and exports. 

According to her personal official website, she is incredibly passionate about matchmaking between two unknown people. She lists it as one of her life goals to get two unknown people matched.

Similarly, she also says that her life goal is to unite young people, she has worked extensively with Marwari and Gujarati families in India.

Indian Matchmaking Cast

The show will follow Sima and 7 of her clients, some of whom are yet to be revealed as of 13th July 2020. 

One of the first clients on the show was Aparna, a lawyer based in Houston, Texas, USA. The lawyer once broke up with a man because he did not know Bolivia had salt flats. 

Sima must cater to her unique and particular taste in men. Another client Pradhyuman, is a bit too centered on his potential partner’s looks. 

Should You Watch Indian Matchmaking?: Review

The show focuses on the pros and cons of arranged marriage, the central premise of the show is the appeal of the show to the wealthy and young Indians primarily from the Marwari families. 

Sima is the matchmaker whose experience in the business is exceptional. She guides her clients to find their marital bliss. She prefers traditional methods rather than the modern ways of matchmaking. 

The show pits her against another matchmaker in the second part of the show who calls her out on her preference for traditional methods. Her clients also seem to be excluded from the top 1% earners in India. 

Like Taparia’s previous film, A Suitable Girl, the series also tackles the problems that Indian bachelors, especially women, face problems when trying to find a partner. 

Her show tackles, casteism, ageism, height, appearance among others. Similarly, even food habits like vegetarianism, alchoholism, are looked at when trying to find a potential partner.

A client of her’s also sealed his fate when his own mother calls him a loser.  

Sima’s Other Work On-Screen

The matchmaker has also been on-screen before this Netflix show. She was one of the main characters in the film ‘A Suitable Girl’. The film follows 3 Indian women who struggle with the pressures to get married.

Sima’s work on the film won her the Best Director Award in Tribecca Film Festival, NYC in 2017.

Taparia In Philanthropy 

Sima founded the Maheshwari women organization, Deepsakhi back in 1993, she also acted as the organization’s president. It has more than 125 members and is continuously expanding. 

A new branch of the organization called DS Novue was found in 2018 with over 80 members. 

In addition to this, she also worked as the president of the Ruchika club, who have more than 300 active members in Mumbai most fo which are Marwari women. 


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