Who Is Sonya Deville Kidnaper Phillip Thomas II? Twitter, Wiki, Age, Bio

Who Is Sonya Deville Kidnaper Phillip Thomas II?

Who Is Sonya Deville Kidnaper Phillip Thomas II?

Philip A. Thomas II is a South Carolina man who traveled to Florida and attempted to kidnap the WWE star, Sonya Deville. 

He was accused of cyberstalking and trying to kidnap not just any woman, but Sonya Deville. But luckily, he failed to do so and got arrested on August 16, 2020. Here is everything we know about this kidnapper Philip Thomas.

Name Phillip Thomas
Age 24 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Twitter @Phillip80400010

10 facts on Sonya Deville kidnapper Philip A. Thomas II

  1. Philip A. Thomas II is a 24 years old man from South Carolina, United States.
  2. He has a twitter account under the name @Phillip80400010.
  3. He claims to be a lifelong WWE fan. He has been stalking WWE star, Sonya Deville for years.
  4. In his twitter accounts, he has shared and retweeted many posts about Sonya and defended her from online critics. It seems like he was a crazy die-hard fan. 
  5. According to the Sheriffs, he planned for the abduction for eight months.
  6. He went inside Sonya’s home through a glass door at night at around 2:43 am, but the alarm activated. The homeowner ran away after seeing him in the house through a window and called 911.

  7. When the deputies arrived at home, he was still in the house standing with a knife, plastic zip ties, mace, duct tape, and other items. He was preplanned for the kidnapping.

  8. Through his tweets, and through his actions, it can be guessed that he is mentally disabled and needs a psychiatrist’s attention.
  9. There is not much information about his family, relatives, educational background, and profession revealed yet.
  10. He used to work as a crew member at Applebees Restaurant in South Carolina. However, his exact address and other details are still not revealed.

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