Who Is Sophie Long? Texas Girl Age Wikipedia And Update

Missing: Who Is Sophie Long? Viral Texas Girl Amber Alert

Missing: Who Is Sophie Long? Viral Texas Girl Amber Alert

Sophie Long is a viral Texas girl who is currently missing. The amber alert has been going on to help find Sophie Long to keep her safe.

Who is Sophie Long?

Sophie Long is a Texas girl. She is the daughter of Kelly and Michael Long. She and her two brothers are the children of the couple.

Sadly the couple parted their ways. They filed for a divorce and now are fighting for the children’s custody. It is very unfortunate for the children to be in the drama. Not just drama but sexual abuse, and mental torture is what they are facing.

Sophie Long created a big havoc in social media. Her video of crying and pleading to her grandma blew the internet.

Sophie was crying and saying that her mother’s boyfriend sexually harrases her. He touches her in places that should not be touched. Also, her mother does not say anything but instead is with her boyfriend in doing this. 

This was very heartbreaking and insane to see the little girl crying for help desperately.

How Old Is Sophie Long?

Sophie Long is 9 years old. There is no information about her correct birthdate but she is currently 9 years old.

Sophie Long Is Missing

After the viral gofundme campaign, she was at the heat of the show on the internet. People were protesting and giving so much support for her safety. There has been a mystery as to who is assaulting her. But it has been very clear that Sophie was assaulted by her mother and her now-boyfriend. 

She and her brothers get to spend time with her father. Her father picks her and her siblings up from the Starbucks parking lot where her mother drops her. Her father Michael is really fighting for his children’s custody. But Kelly has been playing games to not give Michael the custody of her kids. 

Sophie is been missing as she is with her father Michael. Michael had threatened that he will flee from the country with Sophie. There is an assumption that Michael and Kelly both are mentally disturbed. They need therapy and help in order to raise their children in a proper way.

The case is still active and her mom has been arrested. It is very clear that Sophie was sexually harassed by her mother and her boyfriend. 

The court had given Michael to keep the children with him safely till the trial. As Sophie was pleading to be away from her mother and it was the court’s decision to let her stay with her father.

But now Michael and Sophie are nowhere to be found. The state is currently looking for them and has granted Sophie to be with her maternal grandmom or aunt.

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