Who Is Spider Monkey Woman TikTok?

Who is Spider Monkey Woman On Tiktok? Litigation Assistant Lucy Rae Was Fired

Who is Spider Monkey Woman On Tiktok? Litigation Assistant Lucy Rae Was Fired

Lucy Rae was fired from Lovett Law Firm after putting her and Spider Monkeys life at risk. Let us learn more.

Lucy was a litigation assistant. She was fired from her job after her video of feeding spider monkeys went viral.

Lucy Rae: Lovett Law Firm Employee

Lucy Rae used to work at Lovett Law Firm.

In fact, the firm is based in Texas. Furthermore, Rae used to work there as a paralegal litigation assistant.

However, it is not clear when did Lucy join the firm. 

Interestingly, the law firm fired her on Tuesday afternoon. The firm released a post on Facebook about her termination as an employee.

To point, out she was the woman who went viral after feeding spider monkeys in a zoo. She got terminated after the law firm identified the woman as their employee.

In addition, the firm said they do not tolerate the “irresponsible and reckless behavior” committed by her. Also, they added they had been a strong supporter of animals.

Who Is Spider Monkey Woman on TikTok?

Lucy Rae went viral as Spider Monkey Woman on Tiktok.

As a matter of fact, she was trespassing into the El Paso Zoo when someone filmed her. Furthermore, she is seen feeding something that appears to be Hot Cheetos to the spider monkeys.

Actually, she had jumped over the barrier to come close to the monkeys and feed them. Later, somebody pulled her out of there. 

In addition, the video was posted by Fit Fam El Paso on Instagram on Sunday. Furthermore, none of the staff at the zoo saw the incident. Also, they were unaware of it until the video went viral.

In fact, Lucy put the monkeys and herself at risk. Thus, many are calling her a “stupid and lucky” woman. She could have exposed the monkeys to coronavirus.

On the other hand, the zoo is set to press charges against her. She has been accused of violating the security protocols of the zoo.

Meet Lucy Rae On Instagram

Lucy Rae does not have an Instagram account – at least by her initials.

Besides, she is on Facebook as Lucy Rae.

The Real Fit Fam El Paso posted her viral video on their Instagram account @fitfamelpaso.

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