Who Is Srinivas Rao from Indian Matchmaking? Instagram, Age, Job

Who Is Srinivas Rao from Indian Matchmaking?

Who Is Srinivas Rao from Indian Matchmaking?

Srinivas Rao from Indian Matchmaking is an author but due to the recent Netflix show, he has become a worldwide celeb. He is also a podcast host.

He was one of the first clients brought to Sima Taparia, the rich author has become a star in his own right. The first season left fans in splits but still, they want to know more about Rao,

10 Facts About Srinivas Rao

  1. Rao is from Tamil Nadu, India, and started the popular podcast Unmistakable Creative. He is also an author who has released books like An Audience Of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake and Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best.
  2. He was the first suitor brought to Sima. She then matched him and Aparna Shewakrami. 
  3. Although they did get along quite well at first, they eventually found out that they had different personalities and stooped their courtship.
  4. Srinivas is 41 years old which is 7 years older than Aparna which bothered her mother. 
  5. She left him and had a lot of dates after Rao, she ended up with another client on the show Jay for a while. 
  6. Srinivas founded Unmistakable Media in February 2010 and acts as its ‘Chief Creative Instigator’. 
  7. Roa has a degree in BS, Economics from the University of California, Berkely then he went to Pepperdine Graziadio Business School to get his Master’s Degree in Marketing Concentration. 
  8. His portfolio says that he helps organizations and individuals increase their revenue and creativity. 
  9. Srinivas believes he made some uninteresting career choices and started doubting himself but Aparna wanted a career-driven man which caused them to part. 
  10. He has interviewed more than 500 people and he operates his podcast out of the greater Los Angeles Area and is also a speaker for Penguin Portfolio since April 2015. 

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