Who Is Surefour On Twitch? Age, Net Worth, Merch And Girlfriend

Who is Surefour Twitch? Net Worth Revealed

Who is Surefour Twitch? Net Worth Revealed

The first player to reach 80 skill rating on  Competitive Play, Lane “Surefour” Roberts is a Canadian Flex DPS player currently streaming for Sentinels. He has also played a lot of fps/ tps games like COD, CS, TF2.

In addition to that, Surefour has played for numerous teams in the past like google me, Cloud9, Los Angeles Gladiators, and so on. Moreover, he has recently played for Toronto Defiant. He has also won the Widowmaker 1v1 in Overwatch All-Stars Weekend 2018.

Quick Facts: Who is Surefour Twitch? Net Worth Revealed

Name Surefour
Age 23
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Streamer
Twitter @Surefour
Youtube Surefour

10 Facts About Surefour

  1. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Surefour is Canadian by nationality. But, his ethnic background is still out of sight. 
  2. Surefour has a YouTube channel under his online name Surefour. On his YouTube channel, he has 88.4k+ subscribers.
  3. We can also see Surefour’s presence on Twitter bio since July 2009. As of now, he has 101.6k followers and 1.01k followings.
  4. Being known as a popular Twitch streamer, Surefour has a Twitch account, who has already amassed 351k followers. But, we’re unknown if he has any girlfriend or not.
  5. Basically, Twitch streamer Surefour plays several games, including Overwatch, Terraria Jurney’s End, and others on his Twitch streams.
  6. As seen in his Twitch bio, Surefour is 23 years of age as of now. However, his actual date of birth is yet to get disclosed.
  7. Despite being a prominent E-sports player and streamer, Surefour bio can not be found on Wikipedia’s page thus far. Although, he has featured on Liquipedia.
  8. Getting to know him as “Surefour” after the settlement of his and his father’s opinions, his real name is Lane Roberts.
  9. Any information regarding Surefour’s estimated net worth is still behind the curtain as of now. However, he has approximately total earnings of $120,572, reveals Liquipedia.
  10. So far, yet, Surefour has not made available his merch.  However, you all can shop his Los Angeles Gladiators merch on Overwatchleague.

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