Who is Throw God on Tiktok? Real Name, Age And Bio

Throw God Tiktok

Throw God Tiktok

Who is Throw God on Tiktok? Know his real name and age from reading this post.

TikTok is no doubt one of the most overwhelming social media platform. There are many people making their names over the year.

Throw God is one of them who calls himself the”QB of the Internet”.Let’s get to know the Tiktok star by reading this post.

Who is Throw God on Tiktok?

Throw God on Tiktok shares his crazy football throwing videos over the platform. 

He maintains his rough and tough attitude in an entertaining way, releasing 4-5 videos a day.

There’s a shirtless man throwing a football from a great distance into a catch hole in all his videos. After the throw, he maintains his commentary in a funny and motivating way.

Although his words are very vulgar and offensive, people are admiring his skills and creativity. His Tiktok account holds more than 62.7K


In one of his latest videos, he talks sarcastically about his college football days.


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Throw God on Tiktok Real Name Revealed

Throw God’s real name is Harrison Beck.

He is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Harrison Beck aka Throw God, played real football in his early college days. He was very skillful but lacked dedication and hard work.

He received his first college scholarship offer from the University of North Carolina when he was only 14 years of age. Later, Beck joined Nebraska University to continue his football career.

In the year 2006, he ended his career but never stopped loving the sport.

Throw God Age And Net Worth

Throw God age has not been mentioned anywhere. By seeing his pictures, he must be around the Thirties.

Throw God, and his videos are very popular nowadays. He has his own website where he sells many of his gears and accessories.

Until now, his net worth is not known. But we know that he is doing great with all his videos and sponsorships.

The TikTok star also uses Instagram under the username “thethrowgod”.Until now, he has earned 1,540 followers. 

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