Who is Tibetan Farmer Lhamo? Tiktok, Video, Abuse, Death, Instagram

Who is Tibetan Farmer Lhamo? Tiktok, Video, Abuse, Death, And Facts To Know

Who is Tibetan Farmer Lhamo? Tiktok, Video, Abuse, Death, And Facts To Know

Tibetan Farmer Lhamo was a streamer and cook who was attacked by a man while streaming live video from her kitchen. She was doused in gasoline and set on fire, she later passed away after having most of her skin burned away. 

Her death has sparked outrage and women-rights groups ha have called out Beijing for being ineffective in controlling domestic violence against women. Police are investigating the victim’s ex-husband in relation to the crime but are yet to release any facts. 

Name Lhamo
Age 30 (at the time of death)
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese (Tibetan)
Profession Farmer; TikToker
Siblings Dolma
Married/Single Divorced
Husband Tang Lu (ex-husband)

10 Facts About Lhamo

  1. Lhamo was a farmer known for her streams and beautiful videos in which she showcased her simple traditional life. 
  2. She shared the videos of her daily life on TikTok and had massed 200,000 followers on the platform. 
  3. During one of her live streams, she was in her kitchen with 400 of her followers watching. Then, a man stormed into her kitchen and she screamed as the video went black. 
  4. The streamer and farmer was subsequently set on fire after the man poured gasoline on her. According to her sister Dolma, the victim looked like ‘charcoal’. 
  5. Most of her skin was burnt and she struggled to breathe for two weeks before passing away.
  6. The main suspect in her death is said to be her ex-husband, Tang Lu
  7. She married Tang Lu when she was 18 years old and she was frequently seen with bruises and lacerations after marrying him. Reports of his abuse towards her dated back to her teenage years. 
  8. It is unclear if she had an Instagram account but she was active on the Chinese vide sharing platform, TikTok. 
  9. The farmer’s death has sparked an already hot debate on the future of Chinese laws to protect women against domestic violence. 
  10. President Xi Jinping, also said that women’s protection and rights must be one of the top priorities of national interest for the country. 


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