Who Is Tim Dillon? Net Worth, Wikipedia, Wife, Joe Rogan’s Podcast, Twitter

Who Is Tim Dillon? Net Worth, Wikipedia: Facts About Comedian On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Who Is Tim Dillon? Net Worth, Wikipedia: Facts About Comedian On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Tim Dillon is a comedian and a podcast host who has gained worldwide infamy for his podcast with Joe Rogan.  He wore a shirt with the tag “free Ghislaine”, in reference to the accused criminal, Ghislaine Maxwell.

He has caused a lot of backlash online for his appearance on Rogan’s show. 

His unique style of comedy that leans towards the conservative side of politics has made him a comedian with fresh material. 

The New York-based star has said that he expresses comedy like a “retired detective.” His tongue-in-cheek comment on politics and his controversial material has brought a new audience to the mostly liberal-dominated comedy scene. 

Name Tim Dillon
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Comedian; Actor
Net Worth $-1 million
Instagram timjdillon
Twitter TimJDillon

10 Facts About Tim Dillon

  1. Tim Dillon’s net worth as of October 2020 has been estimated at $-1 million (negative one million). Plungedindebt reports that he is a million dollars in debt. 
  2. Dillon’s Wikipedia page does not exist but his fans started a Reddit discussion to make him a Wiki page. 
  3. He has not revealed any information about his wife or girlfriend but his friend Chris Gethard said that he does not date much. 
  4. The comedian was mostly under the radar until his appearance on Joe Rogan’s Podcast.
  5. He wore a shirt with a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and the caption “Free Ghislaine”. 
  6. Maxwell was accused of recruiting teenage girls for Jeffery Epstein to rape and abuse. She is currently in a prison in Brooklyn. 
  7. In addition to Dillon, Alex Jones also came on the podcast.
  8. Jones is a controversial far-right radio show host. He also added to the backlash by spreading fake conspiracy theories on the podcast. 
  9. Dillon has more than 216k followers on Twitter and he shares his comedy skits on the platform. 
  10. According to IMDb, Tim has also worked in various on-screen projects like Timing, Boston Psychiatric, etc. 


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