Who is Trill Withers? Why Did Trill Withers Resigned Barstool Sports? Net Worth

Who is Trill Withers? Why Did He Resigned Barstool Sports? Net Worth

Who is Trill Withers? Why Did He Resigned Barstool Sports? Net Worth

Who is Trill Withers? This might be a question a lot of you may have right now following the news of him resigning from Barstool Sports. However, looking at people’s concerns over his resignation, you might have guessed that he is pretty famous.

Well, he is actually quite popular as the main host of Mickstape podcast, alongside co-host, Coley Mick. And, they mostly talk about basketball and sometimes, even talk about other topics. Likewise, the podcast has grown quite a lot of fans and a lot of them are worried about not getting to hear Trill Withers on it anymore.

Who is Trill Withers?

By now, you guys already know that Trill Withers is an employee of Barstool Sports. However, just telling that he works for Barstool Sports does not do him justice for the man that he is. Looking at people who are sad to see him leave, pretty much tells you about how much people liked him.

He used to host the popular podcast called Mickstape with co-host, Coley Mick. They basically talked about anything and everything but they were passionate about basketball. And, that was what the two most talked about as well.


However, the fans won’t get to hear him talk on the Mickstape podcast from now on. His announcement of resigning from the job has come as a shock to everyone. From his co-workers to his fans, all of them have expressed how well they think of him.

Why Did Trill Withers Resigned Barstool Sports?

As surprising as it is, Trill has not exactly revealed the reason behind his resignation from Barstool Sports. But, as you may have seen, this has not stopped people from guessing why he quit his job. And, his fans have come up with their own theories as to why he resigned.


But, no matter how much people keep talking about it, it is for Trill to say. So, unless he makes a statement about why left, no opinions really count. However, looking at what’s currently happening at Barstool Sports, people like Dan Katz and even the founder of Barstool Sports are facing a severe backlash.

So, leaving Barstool Sports at this point in time does offer some insights. But, the only credible source that can make the revelation about why Trill Withers left Barstool Sports is Trill himself.

How Much is his Net Worth and Salary?

Looking at the fan following his podcast had, it must have helped him accumulate a good amount of net worth for sure. As a matter of fact, the Mickstape podcast was one of the popular podcasts from Barstool Sports.


However, his estimated net worth as of 2020 is yet to be reviewed. The same goes for his salary details as well. But, as a host of a well-known podcast, he might have had substantial earnings.

Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Now that is something Trill has been able to keep a secret for so long. We have not got to hear once about his relationship status. This is why most people can’t even tell for sure if he is married with his wife or dating his girlfriend.

What’s even strange is, for a man that tweets constantly, his posts have never been about his personal life. As a result, his dating life is pretty much under the radar.

How Tall is He?

He seems to have an average height. But, he has not revealed how tall he exactly is.


Details of his Family Members

He was born to his parents in Kentucky and that’s where he grew up. However, the facts on his parents and family members have not been discovered yet.

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