Who is Twitch Streamer BeardedBanger? Age Real Name And Bio

Who is BeardedBanger On Twitch? Face Revealed

Who is BeardedBanger On Twitch? Face Revealed

Who is Twitch Streamer BeardedBanger? BeardedBanger Twitch is recently suspended. Stick together to know what actually happened to the Twitch streamer Beardedbanger.

BeardedBanger is an eminent Twitch streamer who basically streams Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay on his Twitch live. Recently, BeardedBanger was exposed by Alex Zendra by the clips. He was found clearly using wallhacks or aimbots in the Warzone.

BeardedBanger Twitch: Who Is the Twitch Streamer?

BeardedBanger is one of the popular Twitch streamers, which was recently suspended by the Twitch officials.

Before that, Beardedbanger’s account has earned numerous overwhelming appreciation from the Call of Duty community. Along with her, Sarah “Icy Vixen” Belles was also suspended after the same cheats.

BeardedBanger Age and Real Name

BeardedBanger age is estimated in the 20s. Her birthdate details are yet to reveal.

Being known as “BeardedBanger” online, which is her in-game name, we’re yet to find BeardedBanger’s real name. Most often, she is called by her online name. However, we’re keeping an eye o updating her name once it’s obtainable.

Quick Facts:

Name BeardedBanger
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Twitch streamer

Some Interesting Facts About BeardedBanger

  1. Currently, BeardedBanger is suspended from doing live streamings on the Twitch platform.
  2. We’re unable to find BeardedBanger’s Wikipedia page so far now. But, we expect her to get her bio in the coming days.
  3. Moving on, BeardeBanger is quite lowkey about her personal life. Therefore, she has never mentioned her family.
  4. While discussing BeardedBanger’s relationship status, there is no admissible information about her boyfriend. Thus, her boyfriend is still a mystery.
  5. Well, BeardedBanger was available on Twitter. Currently, she may have deactivated or deleted her Twitter account after being accused as a cheater in Twitch streams.
  6. Our researches came to no avail as there is no actual figure regarding BeardedBanger’s net worth in any trustable sources. Thus, her net worth is yet to come to light.

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