Who is Twitch Streamer Neonpuddles? Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Instagram



Neonpuddles is a full-time streamer who has been getting more and more followers on her Twitch account with every passing day. She has a very quirky and funny personality which has been a huge reason behind her increasing followers on the streaming platform.

As she puts it herself, her first language is Sarcasm and she is a popcorn addict. She is a very attractive woman and if you have seen her Instagram, I know you can vouch for me. She is a huge dog lover as she has dedicated a bunch of highlights on her Instagram dedicated just to her dogs. Let’s explore the Neonpuddles and the person behind this Twitch account.

Name Neonpuddles (Leigh)
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Profession Twitch Streamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram neonpuddles

10 Facts On Neonpuddles

  1. Neonpuddles is a Twitch streamer’s name. Her actual name is Leigh and that’s all the details she has provided. We don’t even know her full name.
  2. Details about her age can’t be disclosed because she has never felt the urge to publish it anywhere on the internet.
  3. We are unable to determine her zodiac sign as she hasn’t revealed her birthday to anyone in the public.
  4. Neonpuddles is from a city called Edmonton in Canada and she is based there currently.
  5. She uploads pictures of her dogs on her social media sites occasionally. She always has the wittiest caption to make the post entertaining to her fans.
  6. We don’t know if she is in a relationship right now. She could have a boyfriend for all we know.
  7. She has lots of selfies on her Instagram. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of her posts are just her selfies.
  8. Details about her height are unavailable on the internet. She looks very beautiful and appears to have an average height though.
  9. She makes gaming videos on Twitch and they have been getting a huge amount of popularity recently.
  10. She has 50.8 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

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